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New Labels for 2012, Whatever Holder suits the Beholder!

Posted: 1/24/2012 9:51:39 AM | Views:672

NEW FOR 2012: Labels Up da Wahzoo!

Early Releases OR First Releases

Brown Label, OR

American Liberty Series Label, OR
ALS, Early Release or ALS, First Release

SF Golden Gate Label, OR
GG, Early Release or GG, First Release

West Point Star Label, OR
Star, Early Release or Star, First Release

I can understand the West Point Star, and Frisco's- Golden Gate Label, as well as the Collector's preference to collect their ASE Set in Liberty Label or the "Plain Brown Wrapper". The confusion enters with the obvious in redundency- the "Early Release" & "First Release", aren't they both the same thing?

Until 2006 NGC and PCGS both had the "1st Strikes" Label, which is the first year of NGC's "Early Release" Label and Last for 1st Strikes. PCGS continues to use 1st Strikes on their slabs.

Question: Is the First Release Label another invention devised by the MCM/CoinVault consortium, or is this another transition period for NGC to usher in a new designation, and phase out the Early Release?

Remember, the label series or designation that you collect is strictly your preference. Though you'll sometimes pay more for one label over another, there is no premium on Registry Points- they're all the same in the Registry's point of view. The same holds true on Regular Bullion issues, the West Point Star or "(W)Struck at West Point" labels are ranked the same as the plain Brown wrapper, or Liberty, or XYZ Label-They're all the same coin! (What a Mess!)

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