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Agree With BeawChan

Posted: 1/25/2012 2:00:12 AM | Views:787

but I don't think it will happen

First off, I have cooled down now, the venting helped immensely.

I totally agree with BeawChans journal entry. Even though I have taken out all of my PCGS coins, I would love to put back my 3 Buffalo nickels, 2 Morgan Dollars, all my Commemorative Dollars, State and ATB Quarters, and all of my Westward Journey nickels.

However, I am not convinced NGC will do this, first of all, if it is crossover business they are after, why grandfather any in? I am at a loss as to what else it could be.

In response to Paul Kiraly's journal, I'm not sold that PCGS is the better grading company either. I know I have problems with their quality control. I had 3-4 Canadian dollars (both commem and Voyageurs) labeled as Deep Cameo Proofs. Imagine my shock when I tried to enter them into my sets, and they came back as only Cameo. I went then and check the grading serial number on PCGS website, and sure enough there was an inconsistency in all of them. Where is there quality control. When I called PCGS, they said in effect "Send it in, we will look at them, and if they are Deep Cameo we will so upgrade for a fee". Now you all can imagine what I told him, he could stick the grading fee. I won't pay for a PCGS labeling mistake. They are sure not going to say we made a mistake and make it right.

And the big thing with PCGS, the reason I didn't go with them back in 2006 was they only allowed PCGS coins in their registry, but NGC allowed both, until now.

Now I know we all make mistakes, we've had reports in other journals about some NCG has made and I will state for the record that I like NGC better. It is their policies I am having issues with. I worked hard just to get my sets where they were before all this started, and now I have to chuck the time and MONEY. I did renew my CS membership (although at a lower rate), so I will be here another year.

I am using a picture of one my pieces of currency, so some of the people who have messaged me can see why currency turns me on.

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