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Linda C. Prescott Birth Year Set

Posted: 1/31/2012 9:00:01 PM | Views:593

Major upgrades in the past two weeks...

My mother's birth year set had been idle for about a year and a half until this month. It started a couple of weeks ago when I received notification from Teletrade that one of the coins I needed was coming up for auction. I bid on the coin several days early and watched the close of the auction go to me. A 1947 P NGC MS67 Walker halve was mine. That auction closed on a Sunday.

Three days later I was scanning eBay to see what 1947 coins were available. There it was, a stunning 1947 D NGC MS67 Walker halve. After much negotiation, it too was mine.

Earlier in the fall of last year there was another auction on Teletrade for another 1947 coin that closed out of my price range. I looked around and found the other example - yea, only two of them exist at NGC. I contemplated and decided to approach the owner with an offer. Proud to say it too is mine now.

Check out the set and the new additions to the set. Here is a preview. Enjoy and thanks for reading. By the way, this set is now leading the pack for 1947 Mint Sets.

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