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Collecting goals set direction with a purpose...

Posted: 3/1/2012 10:20:51 PM | Views:512

Two months down and 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for my collection!

I've been recently heavily focused on improving my Roosevelt dimes through submissions of my own. I would like to have this set heavily dominated, say 50%, with self made coins and replacing as many of my PCGS coins through natural attrition as I can, although I know this will be a largely unpopular statement.

Received back all 21 coins I sent for grading in February and made some nice Top Pop additions to my set. Currently 23% of the dimes in my set are self made.

I've also vowed to move into the classic capped bust half dime series. Haven't had the money to work on either a high grade AU or low to mid-grade unc coin yet, but all things come in time. Joined the John Reich Collector's Society (JRCS) last month to help build some knowledge about these coins - can't wait to see my first issue of the John Reich Journal. Bumped into their web site over Christmas week and knew right away I needed to be a member.

Incidentally, today at lunch recieved a Rutherford B. Hayes dollar from the soda machine - don't have a clue how it happened - put a $1.25 in the machine and received $1.15 in change... Go figure. I promptly spent it as a donation for diabetes research when I stopped at the local pizza joint.

Enough rambling...have a great evening.


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