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A Penni for Your Thoughts...

Posted: 3/3/2012 12:28:28 PM | Views:591

I love when fun, cool stuff happens in this hobby.

Last night I was going through some mint sets, as I generally do, looking for the next great conditional rarity for my collection, when a little surprise happened.

I had pulled a 72 Mint set from my mint set stock pile, opened it, flipped the envelope, slid the sleeves out and laid them on my jeweler's pad and was about to toss the ratty old envelope when a small glint of metal caught my eye as it went flying through the air and bounced off the carpet a time or two.

I immediately looked at the cello sleeves, sure that the Roosevelt dime just took a death leap to the carpet all the while thinking it probably was the ultra rare FT coin I've been wanting to find for years. Alas, the dimes were intact and the sleeves were intact. Well, what could this coin be?

Turns out it's a very small foreign (Finland) penni made from aluminum.

KM-44a - 1 Penni - Aluminum - minted from 1969 - 1976

No great value, but interesting how it might have ended up in this mint set envelope.

Here's a couple of quick photos, sorry the quality stinks, but you get the idea...

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