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A few grams of 10k gold Pays Off

Posted: 4/12/2012 4:08:43 PM | Views:432

Yard Sale Find For $10.00

Hi Everyone. I have been going to flea markets and yard sales since I was a child. My grandmother on my fathers side was in what they called the junk business back in her day and she would buy unclaimed luggage, storage units and estates. She would then in turn sell her items at the flea market or her thrift store. She had a good eye and I enjoyed spending time with her looking for treasure as I called it back then and searching through all the junk would fascinate me. Last week at a local yard sale I came across an ugly link bracelet marked 10k and asked the seller what they wanted for it. They said $15 and I countered $10 and the deal was done. My find ended up weighing a little over 6 grams and today I went to my local coin shop and sold it and bought these three 2012 American Silver Eagles and put some money in the pocket as well. I love the fact that I have a decent and honest brick and mortar coin shop within a few miles of me. I can normally buy silver at $2.00 over spot unless it is a hard to find item. Anyways, the hunt continues as there are always new treasures to be found. As always, thanks for looking and Happy Collecting

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