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2004 P Roosevelt Dime MS 68 FT

Posted: 4/13/2012 9:27:53 PM | Views:908

Still catching up on recent additions.

This is another coin that has plagued me for about 2 years. I filled in all the other coins from 1999-2004 in MS 68 FT, however I couldn't pull the trigger to pay $300+ for this coin in PCGS plastic. That coin still resides on the Bay. I settled for an NGC MS 67 FT, but just wasn't happy with that coin. I looked through and bought as many mint sets or mint set coins as I could find. For the first 20 or so months the best I thought I could muster was a 67 FT. I saw lots of FT coins, but again many of them were MS 66 or lower grades, some of them really bad.

Year: 2004 P
Grade: MS 68 FT
Registry Points: 575
NGC Pop: Top Pop 6/0
Purchase Price: Self Made

Well here's the really interesting part - I ended up finding 2 in a month that I just couldn't decide which was nicer. So, I started to agonize over which to send, and was sure that the one I finally decided to send would probably come back 67 FT and then I'd be mad at myself. In order to not second guess myself I decided to send both, well guess what - they both came back MS 68 FT - so the pop went from 4/0 to 6/0 in one submission.

Sold the "spare" on the Bay and paid for about half of my submission. Sweet!

The Keeper has a deep, full strike with above average luster and is quite beautiful. This picture isn't the greatest, sorry about the quality folks.

Enjoy your weekend!


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