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My Coin Pal is Back Home!!

Posted: 6/8/2012 6:40:43 PM | Views:714

A Journal on FRIENDSHIP due to COINS!!

Hey Guys, Well it was really nice to finally get a e-mail from TPETERS last night letting me know he was back home from a 2 week stay with family and friends for his sons graduation. The time was not really that long but when your coin bud does not have a laptop to keep in touch the time seems doubled. We usually e-mail once or twice a week discussing different posts and coins of course.
I sold around 24 of his proof coins listed on my page for sale while he was gone so at least he had a good reason to go to the bank, after the post office today.
He will resume Chemo on Monday and get back to his self and his life. I for one am glad he is back behind his computer.

Although we have never met there is a friendship you can build up in this club with others over time that is irreplaceable.


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