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1 thru 5 brown Standard label

Well here it is, what many of you have been asking for. Picture of my recent aquisition. A 2011 25th ANNIVERSARY 5 COIN SET. This is the perfect set as you can see by the serial #s. Plus it is the only known one in existance with the Standard Brown NGC Label. I got it from my friend, and yes I do have permission to post and tell about it. I put the three MS70 slabs in my custom sets, so you can see how may different ones were made for 2011. The total # should be one higher, because I had one reholdered to the TOP 50 Modern Labels. It is a little farther down in the gallery.
There is one more I am missing, I will try to put a pic up next time of a ms69 I have but need the ms70.

ALSO FOR YOU FOREIGN COLLECTORS, I will try to get a pic of a oriental coin up if I can get a decent pic of it. I have a crappy camera so it is trial and error.

It has a large # 10 on one side with a wreath like on either side of the 10. On the other is a building with the middle half 2 story, this is all surrounded by oriental writing. It seems to be copper and it came in a quarter roll. So will try to get that up for ya.

Thanks for looking at my stuff, and as everyone knows, I take good comments as well as not so good comments.

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