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Signature Series Goals for 2012 Con Season

Posted: 6/18/2012 4:01:12 PM | Views:476

if you write about it... it will happen...

I've heard people say that if you write about something you intend to do, you are more likely to accomplish your goal. So with my first con season approaching after my discovery of CGC and the signature series I've set some goals for my (likely) 1 day foray to Dragon*con at the end of August.

With a 3 year old, a full time job, and a wife who travels internationally at the drop of a hat (thanks federal government!) I can usually only chisel out time for 1 day at a con, so I have to set some realistic but very targeted goals.

Currently the Dragon*con's main talent of interest is Jim Starlin and George Perez. George was at the con last year, but with all of the Avengers and Infinity Gauntlet hype I assume that both of these talents will be in constant demand.

Other talent at the show includes Dave Johnson (who has done great work on Deadpool) and Dustin Nguyen who created some amazing covers to one of my favorite titles Batgirl (Stephanie Brown version).

There's also Tim Sale and others, but their work doesnt direcly overlap with my interests (though time permitting a little Sale sketch would be amazing.

Im going to use this journal (posted over to the CGC boards) to post my planned signature goals, and then follow the submission process right to the bitter, waiting for the mail end of it all.

Time is running out for me today, so I will post more later, and show some of my first SS planned pieces.


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