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Fast or Slow? World coins...and curious ones at that....

Posted: 2/7/2008 4:07:10 PM | Views:624

World coins seem to be quicker than quick! For those of you interested in Australian coins, or bullion collectors, or State Quarter collectors, I'd like to share my images of these with you.

With my last batch of coins, I submitted a number of invoices, at various tiers, including Modern, Modern Special, and World Modern.

The World Modern, from receipt to getting images emailed to me, is about a week! Wowza!

Now, technically, the status isn't finalized, and the coins don't appear to be shipped, but since the images are emailed to me, I know the grades of the coins, so that's exciting!

As I mentioned, a few of the coins on this World Coin submission might be of interest to a variety of collectors:

1. If you collect Australian coins
2. If you collect bullion coins (bullion silver)
3. If you collect State Quarters

Why all three? Hmmmm. I had never seen these before, but they are Australian Kookaburra coins with State Quarter "privy" marks, actual images of U.S. State Quarters on the ONE OUNCE Silver Bullion coins! I managed to get a raw set of the 1999 coins.

The images will be too large to load here in the journal, but I am going to load them over on the Chat Boards. See what you think. I thought they were a neat "crossover" sort of collectible.

UPDATE: I posted some photos in the
The Collectors Society » Forums » NGC - NCS - PMG » World and Ancient Coins / Ask a World Coin Expert

Posted in the thread: Post your most recent acquisition.

Since the coins have a U.S. "flair" with the State Quarter angle, I may post them in the U.S. forum over there, just for increased visibility.

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