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I wish I was as lucky as some of you

Posted: 2/9/2008 12:48:47 PM | Views:683

I feel like that guy with the raincloud who follows him around...

1st, the Mint sent my Platinum Eagle set a week earlier than they were supposed to, so I opened it innocently without even thinking about it - UGH! After all, it wasn't even supposed to be shipped until New Years' Eve, so why should I think twice about opening a package on 12/24? I returned it to the Mint, and was lucky enough to get a replacement set.

I promptly submitted it, along with other coins (in the same box anyway) to NGC and anxiously await, though they don't seem to be moving. Rather than celebrating your victories as I read about the fortunate ones among you who get PF70 grades, I feel cheated that mine aren't graded yet, and blame myself for opening that darn package that dreary Christmas Eve. Further, I wonder if mine will "make the grade" and I wait....

Then, there's the matter of our US Mint "Fulfillment Center" being offline due to the recent tornadoes. I certainly don't begrudge anyone a natural disaster. In fact, it's tragic. Yet I think about all the coin that could have been buried in rubble, or blown a way in a wind-funnel. Good Gravy Marie, not my Bald Eagles!

That's right, my Bald Eagles. Remember when our BRILLIANT Mint decided to change service providers the same day they launched an immensely popular new commemorative? Well, I was one of the people who was at my phone for hours, literally, trying repeatedly until I finally got past the "We're too busy to take your call now, try again later" to even get the "PLEASE HOLD." That's right, "Please hold" was a THRILL!

I waited, and even when a "live" rep came to the phone, she put me on hold, not once, not twice, but no fewer than six times to place my order. But I waited. And now I still don't have my order. Meanwhile I am thinking of tornado struck regions? No. I am jealous of those members who have posted stories of getting their coins, or having their coins en-route somewhere with FedEx.

But wait, there's more!

The 2008 State Quarter Proof Sets! Members are getting those too, and are already talking about their NGC submissions. Did you place orders for them? I've been on subscriptions for these items since the Mint started OFFERING subscription services for any of their items. But have I received mine? Of course not. I'm the guy with the rain cloud that follows him.

So again I wait, I better get an umbrella.

P.S. On an entirely different topic, has anyone else used the CONTACT form to email NGC in the last day or two? I have and I've had problems with it. Not major, but it seems to have a quirk, and I wonder if it's just me. NGC added a box at the bottom of the form where you enter the characters above the box "for verification." For some reason, every time I enter the characters, the form does not recognize it, and I get a new set of characters, and I must re-enter those, and the form gladly takes the second set.

Now, I make typos with the best of them, so if it happened once, I'd believe it. If it happened twice - maybe. EACH AND EVERY TIME? Something is amiss. Even on the form where I was emailing them to tell them that this was happening to me, no matter HOW CAREFUL I WAS (using call capital letters in case it was "case sensitive" and so forth) -- it happened yet again!

Just me?

I am that guy with the rain cloud after all. This time though, I think there is enough rain to go around. I hope.

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