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Woohoo! Latest submission grades have been posted!

Posted: 6/4/2008 5:43:52 PM | Views:753

NGC is the greatest!

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first submissions to NGC and my humble opinion of each, to my surprise I've calibrated my eye to be a bit tough!

Check out the results on these five Lincoln cents -

1) 1909 VDB - MS 65 RD

2) 1909 VDB - MS 66 RD - This one blows me away!!!!

3)1934 - MS 66 RD

4)1938 - PF 66 RD - Woohoo!

5) 1946 D - MS 66 RD

Small things please me!

Original post -
1) 1909 VDB - Nice original coin from roll MS 64+ RD?

2)1909 VDB - Another coin from the same roll above MS 64+ RD - I'm hoping for maybe a 65 on this one...

3) 1934 - A coin with great eye appeal as it is toned, but toned coins always scare me due to the non-original surface issue... No guess on this one, only time will tell.

4) 1938 Proof - To me this is a beautiful coin, but I can't tell between a 64 or a 68 in early proofs. Again, I'll not hazard a guess, as I'm sure I'll be wrong and look like a complete fool when I say PF 65 RD!

5) 1946 D - Solid coin that will most probably be an MS 66 RD, but I can hope for a 67. Yeah, I know I'm dreaming...

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