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Coming Out of the Tailspin...

Posted: 1/11/2009 12:30:03 AM | Views:627

... Now where was up again? ... *Boom*

I feel like I hit December and my rudder broke. I've been feeling lost for where to go next with my collection. This may sound odd coming from someone with 45 sets in his registry, many of which aren't complete. Well, not really...

17 sets are part of the "Wright Family Collection." While I'm very active in helping to build those sets, how far they go and how fast is my step-father's call, not mine. The other 28 are mine and generally fall into one of three categories. 1) Sets I never plan to complete (I have a modern commemoratives set, I don't like all the modern commems and I don't want all of them). 2) Sets that I'm not going to finish anytime soon (I view my Lincoln cents, Morgan Dollars, and a few others to be very "forward looking.") 3) Sets that I'm fairly current with (My Koalas, Silver Eagles, Presidential dollars, Lunar dollars and other sets are all pretty complete. The holes represent coins I'm having trouble deciding what to do about).

So basically, I've been wanting a new project(s). It needs to be small, I don't need another monsterously large project that never ends. That, or a project that is as big or small as I like it. With this in mind I think I'll set the following goals for 2009.

1. Some easy moderns:
*21st Century Type Set, Proofs Only
*2008 Proof Set, Complete
*2008 Silver Proof Set
*Presidential Dollars in PF70
These are all pretty nice short sets. They're relatively inexpensive and there's considerable overlap. I think that will be a fun diversion.

2. Some more serious collecting
*Work on the 20th Century Type Set (Currently at about 38% complete)
*Acquire more Civil War Tokens. (I'm feeling kinda inspired with these)

3. Set Elimination. I'm discarding some sets that seem increasingly meaningless as time moves on. I've removed the 3 Modern commem sets that I had and replaced them with 1 set that can hold all the coins I have/want. I've deleted my sets for Eisenhower dollars and Peace dollars. Those sets just had coins that are also part of my 20th Century Type set. There's no real reason to have them. I have also removed my Indian Head cents set since those coins are also showing in my 19th and 20th century type sets. This frees me from seeing some very incomplete sets that I have no desire to work on.

In the interest of these new goals I picked up 2 new coins at a great price. They're Ultra-moderns so I'm not going to bore you with them tonight (I'll do that when they arrive). I'll definitely keep everyone posted on additions to the 20th Century type set and any new Civil War copper.

I think this is the 5th or 6th entry in 7 or 8 days, so I think I'm going to quiet down for a while. (I hear people screaming "Finally" in the distance...) More to follow...

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