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Submission Tracking Fixation

Posted: 1/13/2009 11:22:57 PM | Views:656

Stop spreading it!

Sheesh... Everytime I read about someone else obsessively checking their submission status both in the journals and on the chat boards it makes me want to check the status of mine. As of today both invoices in my submission are showing as "Received." They just got them today. It's generally not my practice to check the status of my submissions but once or twice a day, usually at the end of the work day. I have not yet contracted the subject specific case of OCD that some collectors seem to have a relapse of with every submission. I'm feeling encouraged though. If Neverman's submission has already gone to quality control then maybe mine will be so fast. Only 1 invoice is in for grading though. The other is in to have an erroneous label corrected and to have something done about some spotted SAEs. I've learned that "Quality Control" isn't really a cause for rejoicing though. I've seen submissions spend weeks in quality control and it's miserable.

Other than that submission I'm having to just sit on my hands. I need to wait about 2 weeks before trying to buy a couple of coins and tokens that I really want. I just need to wait on a couple of much needed paychecks to come in. My pocket book always suffers when I'm on vacation from school. I'm suddenly not going to class and not doing homework and I suddenly have a lot of time sitting in front of a computer with eBay and various coin dealers that I have had good deals with in the past. I almost always spend a little bit more than I really should but those coins are just soooo tempting. The high journal post volume that we've had this week helps though. Reading good.... clicking "Buy it Now" bad...

I'm still waiting on my Civil War token to arrive from the seller (FUN delayed shipping). I had been hoping to get it in hand and attempt my own pictures before going back to college. When it arrives I'll be posting a little bit more about the coin that I didn't say in the older post, just a little bit more about the coin and the origins of the slogan.

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