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I can't get Lincoln Cents either

Posted: 3/27/2009 11:40:57 AM | Views:566

I'm in Connecticut, so presumably we have a different Federal Reserve Bank than Dallas.

I also deal with a credit union primarily, so I am not sure who their supplier is, but they actually told me "why don't you try a commercial bank."

Needless to say, I am composing a complaint letter to the credit union's advisory board expressing my concern that not only a teller, but a representative (in writing via email) would tell me to go to a commercial bank. My complaint? If I should go to a commercial bank to get something as simple as Lincoln Cents, why shouldn't I take the rest of my business from your institution there along with it? My VISA card, my debit card, my car loan (of which I only financed less than half), so it's basically a guaranteed thing for them, my deposit accounts, etc.?

To top it off, what banks would just allow non-customers to walk in and conduct business like that. They don't even like to cash CHECKS for non-customers if the checks are DRAWN ON THEIR OWN BANK (and there is no state, in CT, or federal law requiring them to do so - I checked).

Lastly, I checked with my mother in law, who is retired, but works part time at a local bank branch -- and they don't have them either, so it's a fruitless effort anyway. But that's beside the point.

BOTTOM LINE: It's not just Texas!

The elusive Lincoln Cent!

P.S. I checked the Mint's web site today -- and the two-roll birthplace Lincoln Cent is SOLD OUT!!!!

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