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Well Done NGC!!!

Posted: 4/11/2009 7:37:03 AM | Views:781

If you haven't already, you gotta see this!

If you haven't tried NGC's certification lookup/verification lately you have to check it out. Not only does it verify the coin cerification for you as it always has, it also provides a direct link to the NGC census report for that coin, shows the Numidmedia price AND, if the coin was encapsulated recently enough, it actually gives you small and actual size photos of the coin you have just looked up.

In the two examples of coins on ebay I looked up this morning, the images were far better than the images shown with the listing. One coin, graded MS67 and priced rather high for the grade, revealed "flaws" of the coin in question that you could not see on the seller's pictures. Thanks to NGC's images, I will likely not be buying that coin, even though it does have exceptional eye appeal. Not at the posted price anyway. With a little friendly negotiating, the seller MAY back off the price a little. Who knows?

Anyway! Check it out!

Kudos NGC and happy collecting to everyone!

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