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Posted: 5/11/2009 1:25:54 PM | Views:516

My pair is finalized today.......good and bad!

Hi all!

I just got the results for my pair of Braille Commemoratives.
MS69 and PF 69 Ultra Cameo.
Not bad considering I thought the proof was a 70 and the uncirculated a 68.
The census says there are more 70s than 69s, but i just added to the lower numbers.
I put them into my set for now. I can wait until the 70s come down to $60, and grab the pair to upgrade.
Everything else I sent was MS65. I hope my world coins do better.
I already have 1 that NGC doesn't grade. Oh well......PCGS does!
I have more nice coins ready to go soon. Hopefully they'll make better grades.
I'm happy with the last submissions. I expected the results, so no disappointments. NGC did something I didn't expect to my FDOM Sac, They left it in the OGP, and graded the whole thing. NICE!!!
I am not registering it. If you care to see, it is #23888912-001.
It is in the NGC Verification.
This makes my day!
Thanks to NGC for the special care and great turn times!
Happy collecting to everyone!

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