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Of course I went

Friends, Well it was a good day. I set out this afternoon to meet a dealer concerning my set. After which I went to the auction. Made a couple friends before the auction hanging around out back talking about coins.When we all went in they registered but I didn't. It wasn't that the 1893s morgan dollar was bad,it had a good rim, rubbed but good visuals,and a couple black spots on reverse. A visit to the coin doctor "NCS" & it would get a 4-12 grade. I only have $2,000 left and still no job so it would be insane to even spend $200.
Well I hung out with one guy and he was the high bid for the coin at $1,100. So I didn't get the coin and the new friend did, (so cool). I handed out around 12 fliers with my set on them for sale. This doesn't mean I will sell, but at the right price I would. Most of us are guilty of wanting more for an object than it is really worth when we need to sell it, especially something we enjoy.

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