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Registry Awards

Posted: 2/24/2006 2:13:13 PM | Views:719

Should there be a time limit?

I would think most all of us want to be number 1 in at least one registry set. I am no closer than seventh so I have a ways to go. But what about those 2nd and 3rd sets? Should they have to sit idly by year after year waiting for that number 1 set to go by the wayside?

I for one think there should be a time limit on holding the number 1 spot. Maybe that set should be limited to say 3 years in the number 1 slot and then be retired to somthing like a champions set, etc. This would give all of those other sets in a particular registry the chance to move up. Just guessing here and no insults are intended, but I'm thinking most of us are limited in the funds (myself indluded) needed to build that PERFECT set that we all dream about.

And what about those number 1 sets? Why are most all of them obscured? I would be displaying my number 1 set proudly. Do they think there is a security issue? Are they ashamed of their set in some way? Why obsure a set?

What are your thoughts?


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