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More Purchases, Another Decision

Posted: 4/23/2010 12:42:37 PM | Views:862

it's so nice being out of debt.

Hi everyone,

I guess I should say I'll be out of debt in the next week or so, as I still owe on one credit card, but I feel it will be paid (hopefully) in the next week or so. I'm quibbling on the amount I owe, but I'm confident both parties involved can come up with an equitable solution.

I've been working on my main goal for 2010, my Franklin half set. (As a sidelight, I started a proof Franklin set, but I have no timetable on when I might really starting to fill up slots in it.) Since I wrote last, the totals for the Franklin set are: 2 new coins and 1 upgrade. This leaves me with 18 slots to fill and there are 4 coins I want to upgrade. The upgrades are for 2 MS-63's, 1 MS-62, and 1 coin that fits into my grade range goal, but has some spots on it that really didn't show up in the picture when I bought it.

You all may have noticed I've been adding, deleting and adding some more sets. This leads me into the "another decision" part of my title. In the course of my journal entries through the years, I've indicated I do have other collecting interests. The two major interests (besides coins) are railroad items and baseball cards (Yankees). My decision is to sell about 90% of my modern cards. The main reason for this is I don't feel they hold their value like the vintage cards do. Then, with the money I make, I can use it for vintage cards, and then use my coin budget for just coins.

Stay tuned to see how I fill my new sets. I'm still (since I'm practically out of debt) going to be selective and picky on the coins I buy, and pay as I go so I don't go into debt again.

My coin photo for this entry is my 1954 Franklin.

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