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I Had An Awesome Day!!!

Posted: 4/27/2010 1:02:09 AM | Views:847

free at last...

What a day!!!! I got a lot of errands finished this morning, then had a 12:30 appointment with my lawyer to finish up my last debt. We had been quibbling on the amount owed for over 2 months, well, it was paid off today!!!!!!!! Then I did some other banking and post office business, it was a good day here today to do all this, as it has been drizzling and rainy all day and evening.

So, after my errands were completed, I decided a rainy day would be a perfect time to drive down to the coin shop in Keokuk (about 20 minutes south of me). I had culled out a few coins and currency that isn't fitting in with my goals so I took them to sell. While the lady at the shop was figuring it up, of course I had to look around. (The best part that I didn't mention is the credit card agreed with my amount, so I had a little money left over.) So I picked up a 2011 Red Book, a big dollar coin tube to put my Peace and Morgan dollars I have that I'm saving just for the silver. Then on to the good part, LOOKING AT COINS!!! I bought 3 raw Franklins for my raw Franklin set, a 1 ounce silver round that commemorates the Gold Panners Of America, and finally a raw 1853-O gold dollar. The gold dollar was a leap of faith. Well, I feel the coin shop owners have been very fair with me on what I've taken in to sell, and I do appreciate the fact they're 20 miles away, rather than having to go an hour and a half to Cedar Rapids or 2 hours to the Quad Cities, which are the next 2 closest coin shops to me.

Part of my collection as most of you know, is a western theme, I'm concentrating on either western mints (CC, Denver, San Francisco and New Orleans) or coins that have a western theme (Buffalo nickels, some Indian head Cents, some commems like Lewis & Clark). Well I think you get the idea.

So, this dollar is at best XF, I'm more tempted to say VF. Be that as it may, it's what I can afford, now that I'm making most of my purchases with cash rather the low limit credit card I have. So, I'll be sending it to grade soon, and I'll let you all know how it turns out. Of course, I'm still not educated enough, I don't think it's been cleaned. By looking at the coin, I think it's real, but I did have an experience with a trade dollar from a major auction house sale that came back from NGC as "not genuine". I believe that's how it they put it. So keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully I'll have another journal entry reporting the grade.

My photo of this journal is the silver round. As you can see, it sure fits in with my western theme. I can almost hear the miners, and can almost transport myself back to the American River in 1849. :-)

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