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Captain Clipon!

Posted: 7/29/2010 7:41:54 PM | Views:640

I'm here to save the day!

I recently changed my user name, my handle, on this site. I read through my last journal entry again and the name instantly came to mind. The short story is that I was watching two different coins from the same seller and I bought the wrong one.
My approach to most things in my life has been with excitement, zeal, adrenalin and testosterone. I find something I am interested in and I jump in with both feet... most times without looking.
Captain Clipon is a quasi-super hero that doesn't quite have it together. His heart is in the right place but his methods aren't always well thought out. Ready, fire, aim.
My coin collection reflects that modality. I use the word modality because to call it a philosophy would imply forethought. I tend to choose my coin purchases based on emotion rather than anything that would remotely resemble process. The other side of that is, IT'S FUN! I don't worry about what set a coin goes in or that I am not adding to a current set.
I chose Captain Clipon as my alter-ego because I always want to be reminded that I ought not take myself too seriously.

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