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Goldberg's auctions-- Big Numismatic Thrill

Posted: 9/22/2010 7:28:20 AM | Views:1058

It's been a while...

Yes, it has been a while since I felt the higher energy level from coin collecting. Lately it's been lower dollar coins ( around or under $100) or empty searches for the higher grade sets I'm trying to build....

Last night was quite different ! Not only did I get home from work and find out that my internet bids had been enough to land me 2 additions to my Walker collection--- I also sat down and enjoyed the live bidding since I was registered.

Watching coin after coin sell for more than the worth of my entire collection is both humbling and jaw-dropping. Bids starting at $2,000 quickly jump into 5 figures...and much of the early gold went for $100, think that I could destroy my credit and need to re-finance my home were just a mouse click away !!

Seriously though, it was exciting even just to watch--especially since I had some " house money" to play with. You see I had consigned some lots that had sold earlier for a little under 5 figures ( total-not each)...I even threw in one bid on a $3 Indian Princess gold Proof for $3000---it eventually sold for around $30,000 so I was never in any danger of actually winning but it was fun to throw in a bid !!

Anyhow, here are my 2 wins...a nice 1937 Walker MS66+ and a "lateral" move with another MS66 1943-S but much more attractive and distinctive-- yes, I do even "upgrade" my sets with the same grade on the slab--just much nicer coins. I hope you Walker lovers enjoy these...

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