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Good Deal or Bad Deal?

Posted: 10/7/2010 10:06:31 PM | Views:884

would probably be a hung jury

Well I pulled the trigger today on a deal I found a few days ago and have been hemming and hawing over. It's the classic coin collector dilemma--on one hand, I'm not sure I want to collect the series--yet on the other hand, if I ever change my mind then they may never be this cheap again.

The series in question was the proof presidential dollars. In general I usually collect moderns in albums, I won't go into all of the reasons why I do this but 2 big reasons are that I enjoy album collecting--and secondly the market is very highly skewed for what the value of these massive mintage coins will be worth in 20 years.

It is this second line of reasoning on my part ( and I could be wrong--moderns may increase in value if a new generation of collectors come flooding into our hobby), that led to the hemming and hawing.

You see, I bought all 4 proof sets in PCGS multiholders for $99 plus $5 shipping, $104 total. Part of my brain is screaming, " you just paid over $100 for $16 worth of face value coins with massive mintages and a small collector following !?!" Yet the other side of my brain says, " what a deal ! These coins are near $20 a set raw from the mint and if you add grading fees for 16 coins plus shipping is around $300--it's a steal !!"

The sets are nice--and they are historical, so I will enjoy them. Yet now I'm committed to another set to build and will also have the added task of trying to find them in the multi-holder for uniformity. One thing about PCGS multi-holders is that they don't have individual cert numbers for each coin so I won't be adding a registry set. I'd never be in the top 100 anyhow with a complete set of PF69DCAM's--yet the 2500+ points for a $100 investment is enticing...

So, in the end I'm still unsure of whether I got a good deal or bad deal but I know one thing for sure--the collector in me is alive and well. Now I need to find the "D" mint prezzies for the holes in my album set..

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