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I Did Not Get The Coin!

Posted: 11/7/2010 8:14:45 AM | Views:812

But I did get a partner in crime…

Well, the coin on which I wanted to splurge, an MS66 1971D Ike did not happen. Sadly, it was the budget that got in the way. Such is the life of a bottom fisher even when going out on a splurge. And while there was the bite of disappointment, it did not last. I have come to learn that everything happens for a reason and in its own time. So, all I can only say is that it wasn’t the right time. (This wonderful piece of wisdom is a precious gift from my wife.) And if you don’t believe it, I have a new partner in crime (well, collecting actually) to show for my patience.

It seems my 24 year old son has jumped whole hog into the collecting arena. I had tried in past to spark his interest but to little or no avail. So, a number of years ago I just let it go. In the last week, I did not get the coin I wanted but my son is now exploring his world of collecting US currency and Mercury Dimes. He also has expressed an interest in Indian Head Pennies. He is genuinely excited to be going to the local coin show with me next week. I could not be more elated! We are having conversations about coins and currency I would have never thought possible a month ago. Yesterday morning I was up at my usual time, working on the computer. My son came downstairs; he was getting ready to go to work on a side construction job. He got a cup of coffee, sat down and started to go through the tube of my extra Mercury Dimes and he began populating his new album. I was amazed at the awe and reverence he gave each and every dime in that tube. He even noted and I quote, “I should be looking for the dimes where I can see all the vertical sticks and the cross bands on them, right?” Wow, I thought this is great. I always new he was a quick learner but he picked that one up real quick. I will admit that he is not the only one learning a lot. I cannot say I’ll ever collect currency but I am having a grand time doing the research to help him. Given all of the info tied to currency, my son has a very interesting and challenging journey ahead of him. I’m excited for him and overjoyed to at least be walking the road with him. (What father wouldn’t be?)

In hind sight to not procuring the Eisenhower Dollar which would have been my first graded Ike, my collecting has been very fruitful of late. I’ve picked up a number of State Quarters, silver and clad, all PF70UC at very rock bottom prices, $0.25 on the dollar of FMV or less in every case. My DC & Territory Quarter State has faired particularly well. I am awaiting the arrival of a Silver Puerto Rico Quarter that will move my registry set to the 50% completion mark. Completing this subset of the State Quarters is one of my goals for this year. There were also many more opportunities I forewent because I am on a budget after all. I would look at the coins knowing they were a good deal and just shake my head saying, “Nope, not today.” Frankly, I surprised myself with my will power to hold off. I did pick up a 2010S PF69UC for my proof Lincoln set. That gives four new additions to my goal of six for this set. I even managed to pick up a couple of overlooked proof sets to get a few of those last bothersome holes filled in my Kennedy Half Album. I’m down to about six holes left to fill. So all in all, I think it’s been a pretty good couple of weeks for adding to my registry and album sets.

The real collecting buzz around my house has been centered around the Large Cents. Another member graciously sent me 4 lower grade coins to get started and I picked up 3 more on EBay for a steal. My wife, my son and I have all been mesmorized by the elegance of these coins. For my part, I have been trying to read and research everything I can find on the coins. I am not exactly sure what it is with the large cents but they really are something special. I guess having never seen more than a picture of one until recently my collecting tastes have always been tied to coins that have crossed my path and even some of those have not so captivated me the way the large cents have. Maybe the large cents are like Scotch whisky, you have to acquire a taste for them but once you do you are hooked. I don’t think the large cents will ever lessen my love for other coins, particularly the Eisenhower Dollar, but they have all the ear marks of becoming one of my very favorite coins. The large cent seems like the ultimate collector dream. By that I mean those of us who enjoy the act of collecting, the searching and the discovery. The large cents have almost a forever challenge ring to them. There are not a lot of them out there and you are always on quest for a better looking coin. From my prospective, because I cannot and most likely will not ever be able to afford the higher grades, everything I’m looking for is eye appeal of the grades I can afford. I have no problem with adding a VG coin to my set if it has better eye appeal to me than an XF example. Of course now I have to start saving to find a 1793 Chain Large Cent to add to the set. (I could always mortgage my house. LOL Probably a bad idea!)

Anyway, I will leave you with a picture of one of my newly acquired prizes, an 1845 Braided Hair Large Cent.


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