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1964 Pointed 9 Dime PF67UC

Posted: 1/24/2011 11:22:41 PM | Views:5238

1 of 10 POP!

Hello Friends,

I purchased this 1964 Pointed 9 Dime graded PF67UC recently and I am very pleased with the purchase. NGC has graded 10 examples in 67 with 17 finer, 10 in 68 & 7 in 69 with a total NGC Ultra Cameo pop of 35. FMV is $27.50 for this coin with lesser examples in 67 Cameo on Teletrade as we speak trending $33. I paid a BIN price double FMV for this coin.

I know...I know....I don't do this very often but I felt this was one of those instances when FMV pricing was misleading in determining a fair price for this coin. Also given that fewer high grade examples have become available recently especially in Ultra Cameo and there is no telling when another finer example may become available in the future and at what price, so I felt the higher purchase price acceptable to me in this instance. I believe this coin is one of the rarest modern US silver coins out there and will demand a premium as the years go by.

1964 Silver Roosevelt Dime mintage was just over 929 million with just under 4 million in proof. Of the total mintage issued around 2 million examples are estimated to be Pointed 9 strikes and I believe that 3/4 of those were MS issues minted in the 50's but the only PF Pointed 9 issue was in 1964 making this coin very rare in gem quality condition.

This coin mirrors the saga of the 1964 Accented Hair variety in the Kennedy Half Dollar series. At the same time the Accented Hair variety was being discontinued for redesign the same scenario was occurring to the Pointed 9 Dime issue. They are both exceptionally rare in Ultra Cameo strikes, free of spots, which are present on many proof examples of this era due to the process used in proof production at that time. Ultra Cameo & Cameo strikes from this time period represent the old school minting art. By using acid etching over the entire surface of the die then polishing the fields, the mint was able to produce exceptional frosty cameo strikes. This frosty effect generally disappeared after the first few strikes so Ultra Cameo examples represent the very first strikes off the dies.

This is one of the rarest modern coins I now own and I believe represents a great value at present prices. In ten years time this coin will demand a premium to acquire and are already scarce in high quality gem condition, here’s a photo of the little rascal!

Later Friends,


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