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Wow! Lots of comments and opinions.

Received the entire gamut of responses from this is a stupid and foolish endeavor to real opinions of grade and condition.

The overall intent of this exercise and the reason for the "stupid blow ups" was to show the real discrepancies in the photo. This is what you and I and the TPG will/should see when reviewing the coins through a 10X loupe. Full size photos of coins can easily hide many imperfections as many of us undoubtedly have seen when buying coins off the Internet.

I've been highly disappointed in the last two PCGS coins I've bought. One of them was a 2010-D PCGS MS 69 FT SMS Roosevelt dime that I would grade no higher than MS 68 FT because of multiple contact marks, small but many.

Now back to the 1973 Roosevelts - I've focused on the obverse of these dimes, but the reverse of each grade wise is comparable to the obverse.

1973 NGC Roosevelt - submitted by me - MS 66 - of which I agree - this dime is close to PL and FT but not strong enough for either to warrant the additional designation.

1973 PCGS Roosevelt - bought from eBay - MS 66 FB - of which I don't agree with either the grade or designation. I think the coin is barely MS 65.

This is a perfect example of buying the coin and not the holder, in my opinion. I usually stay away from PCGS because of inflated prices, so when you couple an inflated grade it equals a complete loser of a coin.

Sorry if this whole line of posts bores you and thanks to all those that responded positively.


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