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Changes are needed now for Registry Set Awards!

Posted: 3/29/2011 12:14:08 PM | Views:1088

Registry Awards have lost their luster!

Again, This may come across as mean and a poor sport but changes are needed for the registry awards.

Cancer has spread across many registry sets and doesn't seem to have any cure and is not slowing down. LLC's have taken over many modern sets buying up all high grade coins overpaying many times what the coins would be worth in the future all for a small piece of paper saying...I'm am number 1 again... but it also is saying "I have unlimited resources with no liability or concern."

This is NOT what the intent is with registry awards that is only about the $$$. It is a hobby and a lot of us spend the time and effort find those raw coins and grading them ourselves and then having them graded. There is pride and joy for that reward. It is great having a number one set when there is effort on our part.

All major league sport have adopted a even playing field so all teams have an equal advantage so no one team can acquire all the best players with an unlimited budget. This causes more competition and attention and hope for all the teams.

I personally have stopped trying to chase any registry set that has a "LLC" in that set. There will be no competition for those sets because of the unfair advantage. Isn't the registry for everyone not just the rich or hide under the corporation laws that protect them. I see a real decrease in modern sets since only a select few can chase the number one set. I still don't understand if someone has unlimited wealthy, why on earth bother with modern coins at all. Go play with the big boys on gold and high end Morgan dollars and older more scarce coinage.

I propose that either all registry awards be stopped until this "cancer" can be controlled and can be more open for everyone whether you have wealth or not. Or limit the number of awards that can be offered so more members have a better chance to increase competition again.

All we ask is that this society remain fair for everyone. Lets not reward the "LLC's" anymore.

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