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44,492 Registry Points down the tubes

Posted: 7/29/2011 7:39:42 PM | Views:883

After selling them off i will drop drastically in the points

After tomorrow, when my Ebay listing for my Red, White and Blues II, III, IV PF70 UC Presidential Dollar sets sell I will loose a whopping 44,492. What is sad about this is my entire Lincoln Penny Collection is not even worth the registry points of these dollars. I have Lincolns with a population of 1 with none graded higher that are worth a 1/3 of the registry points. If anybody is looking for a steal on 49 Proof 70 UC Presidential dollars, some Early Releases and multi coin holders, send me a message. The listing ends at 8:26am EST. Any profit will go back into my Lincoln Registry Sets. i will leave you with a picture of a modern Lincoln with a population of 1 with none graded higher worth only 288 points, my 2001D MS69RD Lincoln Memorial. As always, thanks for looking and Happy Collecting

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