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Teaser the beautyd

It's fun to collect classic cover comics. There is no prescribed "classic cover" that I'd ever disagree with when it comes to agreeing on such things. When a cover is deemed classic, it is just that, and that's a cool and honorable distinction. As classic covers go, we can travel many miles, styles and years. I'd like to have a fan club for such a thing, but don't have the time. I'm focusing here on Steranko and his Marvel output, utilizing graphic art to augment his covers; it changed what a cover could convey forever. Graphic Art was a commercial reality and a "fine art niche" when Steranko utilized the form in the 60's comic trade. Those Nick Fury covers plus the Strange Tales earlier works are the beginning of this surreal manifesto. I've read he had a Stan Lee falling out...artistic differences. Gives the guy more appeal. Fractals people, he deals in there! Too cool and underlies the subject matter.
A comiclink auction closed today, and their various Steranko cover comics went for INSANELY high prices. Is this a coincidence, or is this artist going to pop the $envelope$
What I'm looking for in NM+ (some I have) are these beauties (in no particular order):
Cap. America: 110 (are you kidding me...this is the meaning of Key! Scary sheeeit!) + 111 and 113, but not as great as 110 don't think.
Spyman: 1 (not in his style and prime, but his first published comic, so gotta have it.)
Strange Tales: 167, 168...actually too many to list...all
Nick Fury: 1, 4, 7...same as Strange Tales...all covers stellar!
Incredible Hulk Annual 1 Holding the massive heavy title of is that not breaking the box with power fidelity?
X-Men: 50,51 (50 is so f'n awesome!)
Supernatural Thrillers: 1,2
Also check out Doc Savage 2,3 and Shana the She Devil 1,2 These are still easy to get high grades at low prices. A She Devil 9.6 recently went on eBay for $98. 9.2=$45

Let me know some Sterenko covers that I missed. I know I missed a bunch. Whaddya think?
Thanks for reading if you're still reading by now.

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