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Another Example of You Got To Be @%^#*@! Kidding Me

Posted: 9/4/2011 10:04:36 AM | Views:1034

Research and Knowledge are powerful tools

Hi everyone. For those of you who follow my journals you know that I am mostly working on my Lincoln Registry sets especially my 1959-Present business strike set. Recently I added a 1985 MS69 Red Lincoln to my set. This coin has a NGC population of 6 with none graded higher. I was on Ebay last night going through the certified Lincolns that were for sell when I came across listing number 320564895317 which is for a 1985 MS68 Red Lincoln with a buy it now price of $1639.00. Yes you read that right $1639.00. That is more than 4 times what I paid for mine in the grade of MS69 and over 16 times what it list for in MS68 which is $100.00 This moron claims that it is based on population pricing. I would like to know what population he is referring to because even at PCGS this coin in MS68 does not even list for that much. NumisMedia list this coin at $600 in MS69 so I wonder what the heck has this guy been smoking. Yes, it is his coin and he can ask what he wants for it, but to me it is just another example of an unscrupulous seller on Ebay trying to take advantage of uneducated buyer. I wonder how these sellers stay in business. I used to send these sellers messages asking how they base their pricing but everyone of them get all high and might and try to justify their prices. All I can say in response is You Got To Be Kidding Me. Do your research so sellers like this do not take advantage of you. As always thanks for looking and Happy Collecting

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