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The 2011 (W) NO Mint-Mark Silver Eagle

Posted: 9/26/2011 4:07:53 PM | Views:2154

Is This Really A New Issue, and will there also be a "2011(P)Struck in Philadelphia" Label as well(I hope so)?

I know that the US Mint issues silver bullion version coins from most of the Mints throughout the year, not bearing any mintmark. This year, the collectors market has been infused with a few variations that includes the (S)-Label, and the 25th Anniversary Label-which so far has not been officially issued by the Mint itself.

I saw this coin below for sale on Ebay today. it was also presented on TV last weekend, along with the Presenters proprietary West Point Star Label. The coin Obverse is the regular No Mintmark face.

It appears that it is just another Bullion issue silver eagle, but since NGC(and the other players)Certified them with this label, will a Slot be allocated to the coin in the Set Registry? Probably not.

To clarify my question- Is necessary to issue a Hype version of a regular issue, or Will this (W) Label issue eventually get its own Registry slot as did the deserved "(S)Struck at San Francisco Mint" version?

Will there soon be a follow-up issue, the 2011(P)Struck at Philadelphia Mint" Silver Eagle, I'll buy that one!
As it turns out, There will be-of sorts! It&'s the 2011-P Reverse Proof eagle as part of the 25th Anniversary Set. (But it won't really say Struck at Phila).

Below-Pictures of 2011 Highligt coins.

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