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The "Silver Anniversary" Set as an Investment instrument.

Posted: 11/10/2011 1:30:08 PM | Views:2098

A "Holy Grail" for the American Silver Eagle enthusiast.

The 2011 is the "Silver Anniversary", the 2011 5-pc 25th Anniversary Set of Silver Eagles were issued to commemorate this. The 20th Anniversary set was notable, and now with the addition of the "Silver" Anniversary set, along with the shrinking number of available Complete Sets, circumstances are quickly making this set a "Holy Grail" to ASE collectors and Investors. Though some are predicting so, I doubt that a 30th Anniversary commemorative set will be issued, but if there is, I'm sure that it won't outshine the 25th, or the 20th.

Since their issue date on October 27th, there's been a measure of 'hype' attached to the initial market prices being asked and Paid. Subsequently, flooding of the markets with 100's of sets had caused prices to retract considerably, but they will rebound, as the sets are absorbed into the hands of collectors. As surpluses decline, prices will most ultimately rebound and stay high! Similarly, the 2006-20th Anniversary Sets, with a mintage of 250,000 sets, after prices initially skyrocketed, prices have retracted only slightly, even after 5 years. However, interest in the 20th Anniversary Set has recently re-surfaced, causing Those prices to rise.

With the 2011 set mintage is only 100,000 or 40% of the 2006 set, It's expected that the ultimate value of its' 2 exclusive coins have a shot at going the way of the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle in their comparative respective states (raw or graded). The fact that many owners will, or already have opened their sets, only further enhances the value of the certified 25th Anniversary coins; and remaining sets still in the cartons "Sealed by the Mint". I have no doubt that the price the Mint sealed box set can end up North of 3-G's, even 5 years from now. Surveys taken by the Grading Services and EBay estimate that less than 45,000 complete sets will survive. Of the remaining 55,000 sets, the 2011 Bullion, 2011-W Burnished, and 2011-W Proof component coins will have been relegated to the realm of the common issues. Though they remain part of a collector's inventory, they'll be unable to ever be properly certified as 25th Anniversary Set Silver Eagles- The explanation follows.

For Certification and Investment purposes, collectors are urged to Not Open the carton arriving from the Mint containing their sets, and to have the entire set graded Only by the 3 major grading concerns - NGC; PCGS; or ANACS, and to stay away from the rest. You should store the sealed US Mint carton inside a dry, clean storage box or container to preserve the integrity of the US Mint Seal. Opening the Mint carton to "take a peek" at your coins, or to use of the minor grading companies will only devalue your set, lose any chance of obtaining proper "Set" status for the 3 included coins that were previously issued individually in 2011. These 3 are the
1. 2011 Bullion (No Mint Mark) Silver Eagle;
2. 2011-W Burnished Mint; and
3. 2011-W Proof Silver Eagle. The
4th coin, the 2011-P Reverse Proof, and the
5. 2011-S Burnished Mint State Silver Eagle.

The last 2 coins are distinctive and exclusive to this set only, and may be certified at the Collectors' discretion. Though many Bullion coins have been minted in San Francisco over the years, 2011-S Burnished eagle coin is the first-ever Mint State silver eagle containing the "S" mint mark, and the most valuable.

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