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My name is Jay Heywood. I just Turned 42 on Dec. 21, 2007. I recieved my first start to coin collecting from my paturnal grandmother in 1973. Having grown up in Jamaica, Nigeria,and Kenya, while my father worked there, I started collecting world coins as well as stamps. As I grew up my desire for coin collecting grew, but my wallet wouldn't let me. After I got out of the Canadian army and got married. My wife, one christmas, renignited my passion by buying me a ten cent coin alblum and trying to fill it for me with as many circulation dimes as she could get out of ciculation before christmas. I have to love her for her efforts, and chuckle at my new collection of dimes. I then collected RCM products for many years, while at the same time filling my books with the best product that I could find. In 1996 at a Calgary coin show, I saw slabbed/ graded coins. The look and expense seemed overwheming. Following years seen small purchases of low grade/slabbed coins. Eventually leading me to having somewhat knoledgable opinions and a few nice coins. The Canada 25 cent has allways been a passion, and today, I have many that I am proud of. Hopefully in the years to come I will be able learn to take a good picture of these coins and be able to place them for all to enjoy as I do.
journal_award 2009


journal_coins A difficult year  

journal_award 2009 

I had to become more discerning, as a collector.

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journal_coins I thought that I was going to feel FREE!  

journal_award 2009 

Talk about an addiction.

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journal_coins The weird adventure of an eBay purchase  

journal_award 2009 

It got lost in the mail.

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