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journal_coins Above the Bow   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

I added another variety to my half dime collection.

83 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures: The Variants: Part III: Blue Eyed Angela...   Image Attached

My sincerest apologies to the CGC for posting a picture involving a PGX graded comic book, and to anyone else who may take offense, but if it is any consolation, it is my...

61 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Found something Special Hiding on my Gold Dollar   Image Attached

Found something Special Hiding on my Gold Dollar, check out the pics! I also published a version of this on CoinTalk.

147 views / 5 replies

journal_comics 29!   Image Attached

My DC Comics Bicentennial collection nears its completion!

113 views / 4 replies

journal_coins First Purchases of 2015 for CAC Type Set   Image Attached

First Purchases of 2015 for CAC Type Set, 1838 SEATED LIBERTY DIME, NO DRAPERY, LARGE STARS NGC AU55 CAC and 1854 GOLD DOLLAR - TYPE 2, NGC AU55 CAC.

145 views / 5 replies

journal_comics 1st Appearance Bullseye   Image Attached

Latest addition...

154 views / 12 replies

journal_coins CONGRATS DUE  

To an old friend long gone.

187 views / 2 replies

journal_coins TWO NEW MS EAGLES?   Image Attached

One Eagle is "Struck at West Point" and has no W. The other is struck at West Point, and has none either?

152 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Large Denomination vs. Small Denomination Patterns   Image Attached

Recent discovery in elephant patterns.

81 views / 0 replies

journal_coins I don't know about an arm, but this one definitely cost a leg...   Image Attached

My new 3-legged buffalo nickel!

195 views / 8 replies

journal_coins First 1800's Dated Coin for the New Custom Set   Image Attached

journal_award 2006 journal_award 2014 

And it actually has a bear on each side

169 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Wargaming Terrain  

I know this isn't a comic book, but a lot of comic book stores are subsidizing their customer base by adding these to their store models.

130 views / 7 replies

journal_comics Heven is a Place on Earth 616!   Image Attached

How many years from now will we look back at the arrival of Angela in the Marvel Universe and reminisce about her strange odyssey from Angel/Spawn Killer to Thor's...

131 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Another Little Lady   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

Liberty, that is...

175 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Punisher crossovers   Image Attached

Will I get them all?

122 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures #'s 1 and 2: The Variants Part II: Eye Candy!!!   Image Attached

There is not much to say about this one except EYE CANDY!

70 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures #'s 1 and 2: The Variants Part I   Image Attached

I'm not a huge fan of variants. In my opinion they are a publishing gimmick to get the vulnerable comic collector into spending more cash. Variants are nothing more than a...

125 views / 7 replies

journal_notes silver certs.  

im a early teenage collector that has a great interest in silver certificates and old us notes and a lot of coinage. i have always enjoyed collecting and have a lot of...

75 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Why I am Certified Holder Agnostic  

journal_award 2013 

as long as its NGC or PCGS ....

320 views / 10 replies

journal_coins A Helping Hand to Philippines Numismatists   Image Attached

Accurate mintage provided to Honeycutt H-525 & Basso B-898...

93 views / 0 replies

journal_coins NGC vs PCGS registry (Pt 2)  

Really???? (Yes, really)

333 views / 13 replies

journal_coins wooden nickels   Image Attached

for fun

123 views / 0 replies

journal_comics The Cash Grab of Wolverine, Part II: Grab This!   Image Attached

Let the tirade continue.

183 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Rarities in the Canada Silver Privy Maple Set   Image Attached

The Canada>Bullion>Silver Maple Leafs with Privy Marks Set

106 views / 1 reply

journal_coins PERFECT   Image Attached


132 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Amazing Fantasy #15   Image Attached


228 views / 26 replies

journal_coins Why are there no NGC 70 graded coins of the Sacagawea Coin and Currency Set  

No Graded 70's for the SP Enhanced Sacagawea Dollar Coin and Currency Set

236 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Back in the Picture additions   Image Attached

Nothing worse than not seeing exactly what I have.

201 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Collecting Has Gotten Grizzly   Image Attached

journal_award 2006 journal_award 2014 

sorry--couldn't resist adding that groaner title

235 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Priceless   Image Attached

When the value and worth don't matter.

296 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Back to business!!  

After a year off, the grading begins anew..

155 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Doubled Die Obverse or Strike Doubling?   Image Attached

I just got the coin and noticed the doubling on STATES OF AMERICA.

220 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Registry Awards  

journal_award 2014 

Holy Cow!

326 views / 7 replies

journal_coins Koala Quest   Image Attached

I fell for the Koala's

193 views / 4 replies

journal_coins NGC REGISTRY AWARD FOR MY CUSTOM SET!   Image Attached

I was surprised and extremely honored to have received a 2014 NGC Registry Award!

349 views / 17 replies

journal_coins Whitened. Ex Jewelry?  

journal_award 2009 

Check out this coin. (I hope the links work...)

376 views / 3 replies

journal_coins My Updated Sesqui Gold Commemorative   Image Attached

A beautiful new piece.

200 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Swipe!   Image Attached

Ah, those classic covers breath new life...

273 views / 2 replies

journal_coins My Collections  

I will include and list all successful acquisitions.


journal_coins Unusual Congo Pattern Discovery   Image Attached

Unusual Variety Find!

165 views / 4 replies

journal_coins U.S. Philippines PCGS Crossovers   Image Attached

journal_award 2012 

My experience with PCGS crossovers has been very different than the earlier posts on this topic. Over the past few years I have submitted many PCGS graded U.S. Philippine...

245 views / 3 replies

journal_coins PCGS Crossovers  

Perhaps your coins did not meet the requirements to be crossed over?

177 views / 0 replies

journal_coins A difficult year  

journal_award 2009 

I had to become more discerning, as a collector.

144 views / 1 reply

journal_coins No more PCGS crossover   Image Attached

$400 later, and almost nothing crossed.

357 views / 10 replies

journal_notes ADDING - ONES in JANUARY 2015  


New Data and Update on $1 FRN District Master Set

171 views / 0 replies

journal_notes Augusta Home Storage Gold IRA   Image Attached

Learn how you can keep the gold in your IRA at home, protect your investments and your retirement! Do you wish you could invest in something more solid than a few "selected"...

592 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Iron man / all star   Image Attached

showing some goodies , i purchased these and they used to belong to a man named Stu ,and had an extensive collection..

332 views / 1 reply

journal_comics The Force Is Strong With This One!   Image Attached

Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try.

327 views / 5 replies

journal_comics EAGLE EYES!   Image Attached

I have the best big brother in the world!!

323 views / 8 replies

journal_coins eBay made the right decision  

Fraud averted

528 views / 4 replies

journal_coins A New Year and A New Direction  

Breaking up is hard to do!!!

243 views / 4 replies

journal_comics 1st Journal of the New year  

So this year....

117 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Day 1 of the Control Panel revision.  

Entering Step Two of my CGC Addiction.

118 views / 7 replies

journal_comics To Display or to Store - that is the Question!   Image Attached

Thank you Chris Faulkner

232 views / 12 replies

journal_comics A Top Ten   Image Attached

And for my last journal of the year...

145 views / 7 replies

journal_comics Yet another Top 10 list for 2014  

Darn you Bagofleas, now I feel compelled to write one.

111 views / 8 replies

journal_coins NEW NGC HOLDERS  

I am liking the new NGC holders!

448 views / 7 replies

journal_comics One Man Comic Business  

You too can start a comic business!

149 views / 68 replies

journal_comics Top 10 Comic-Related Goals for 2015   Image Attached

I'm sure no one else cares, but I'll check in on myself at the end of 2015.

117 views / 6 replies

journal_comics When is your comic your comic?  

When you buy it, it's yours!

121 views / 10 replies

journal_comics My 2014 CGC Year in Review  

2014 was a great year with my main goal being to focus on quality over quantity and to put all my energies and money into Captain Marvel Adventures. In 1012 I purchased 27...

63 views / 3 replies

journal_comics What? It's top ten time again?   Image Attached

Blame Fleas - he started it.

100 views / 7 replies

journal_comics Auction Egos.  

I'm still scratching my head why?

146 views / 7 replies

journal_coins Washington Quarter  

Are there any quarter collectors out there?

269 views / 6 replies

journal_comics Top 10 for 2014 it is!   Image Attached

Thanks bagofleas for this annual reminder...

135 views / 7 replies

journal_comics My PSL Top Ten for 2014!!   Image Attached

When everything has to go.... these DON'T!!

125 views / 4 replies

journal_comics What's in store for 2015?   Image Attached

Or, Where does my path lead?

159 views / 4 replies

journal_comics The Cash Grab of Wolverine  

A (multi-part?) tirade against Marvel's epic blunder.

175 views / 5 replies


As time goes forward, certain collections will become impossible to amass on the registry sets, as the number of coins in each set grows, and mintages continue to dwindle.

484 views / 5 replies

journal_comics ...a GLOB of paint.   Image Attached

I discovered this curious....


journal_comics Does Adam Warlock have a Soul?  

I'm a big fan of Adam Warlock. And I see there are many fans here as well. And it is to those fans, and cosmic philosophers that this question is directed to: Does Adam...

127 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Verified  

So after only 54 calender days my modern submissions are....

153 views / 5 replies

journal_coins 2014 S 50th Anniversary Set SP looks like a DPL?   Image Attached

Is it worth it to get send a coin back to get a SP to a DPL

307 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Top 100  

Top 100

300 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Security Breach of Your Website?  

HTML is Not Working in ALL Registry Sets.

269 views / 6 replies

journal_coins My First 2015 Dated Coin Arrived Today   Image Attached

journal_award 2006 journal_award 2014 

Getting a jumpstart on a new year and a new set.....

223 views / 2 replies

journal_comics My Comics   Image Attached

Started collecting as a kid mostly Savage Sword Of Conan friend got me into the X-Men and I have Been a fan ever since.......

146 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 1954 D/D/D   Image Attached

I picked up a roll of 1954-D cents. Still in original bank roll

134 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Found an 2009 one dollar bill error in my wallet  

Found error dollar in wallet, is it a rare error???

152 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Awesome Signature Series Aquisitions  

Lonestar Purchases

152 views / 6 replies

journal_comics things that me you go hmmmm  

boardies post the most amazing

160 views / 30 replies

journal_coins Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (in the Hawaiian language)  

Day 4 of 17 day vacation on East Coast, USA

195 views / 3 replies



221 views / 2 replies

journal_coins State Quarter Circulation set collectors WANTED!!  

Christmas is near and I would like to help others that are building these sets.

266 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Wrapping up 2014  

Adult ADD in collecting, thanks eBay!

192 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Showing a few books   Image Attached


182 views / 16 replies

journal_comics Signature Series????  


145 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Xmas  

Christmas is coming

153 views / 0 replies

journal_coins One Last Lincoln Cent For The Year-Population of 1/0   Image Attached

1996 D MS68PL Lincoln Memorial.

202 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Fantastic Four Volume 1, Numbers 66 and 67: Origin and 1st Appearance of HIM...  

On November 30, 2014, I submitted a journal titled, "Adam Warlock Keys: What comic book key issues should be included in this set?". Lamentably, although I poured...

135 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Journal 31: ...Oakland International Airport?   Image Attached

I really am slow, to get these things, but


journal_comics Last Con of Year!   Image Attached

Fan Fest 2014...

128 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Barcodes gone forever?   Image Attached

This is what I'm told...

170 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Christmas Present for Myself   Image Attached

add 3 J.F.K.

201 views / 6 replies

journal_comics recent pickups   Image Attached


183 views / 6 replies

journal_comics Custom Set: "The Kingdom of the Spawn #9 Newsstand Editions"   Image Attached

I love the custom set feature recently instituted by the CGC. This registry feature allows us to create unique thematic sets that normally wouldn't make the grade as a...

148 views / 2 replies

journal_comics UPDATE, LOST COMIC FOUND!   Image Attached

Now the hard part- buying it again.

255 views / 4 replies

journal_coins GREAT RESPONSE!!!  

The US Mint.

357 views / 1 reply

journal_comics tape   Image Attached

leave it alone or remove

206 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Worth Vs. Value   Image Attached

Is the value of a graded comic book equal to what it's worth? And Vice Versa.

252 views / 3 replies
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