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journal_comics A Change   Image Attached

Something different

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journal_comics One Day Left   Image Attached

Things that make you bid on eBay

26 views / 0 replies

journal_comics The Quest is On   Image Attached

Thank you Richard and Wendi

68 views / 0 replies

journal_coins "One Dollar" versus "$1" on coinage  

Using "$1" on our coinage leaves much to be desired.

87 views / 1 reply

journal_comics One more left.   Image Attached

108 out of 109 isn't bad

87 views / 3 replies

journal_comics The First Four   Image Attached

And I don't mean the fantastic kind

103 views / 2 replies

journal_comics 9.8 Webspinners SPIDER MAN   Image Attached

White Pages

89 views / 0 replies

journal_comics All for One   Image Attached

Picking a Grail

108 views / 1 reply

journal_coins The one the ONLY (For Now)   Image Attached

Population 1

210 views / 3 replies

journal_comics A Monthly Budget, but for What?   Image Attached

All for CGC or all for reading?

122 views / 2 replies

journal_coins 50th Quarter in the ATB set  

Is it Colorado?

116 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Purchasing someone's registry set, sad story.  

Over the weekend i was able to purchase 21 of 34 coins from a former #1 NGC registry set.

263 views / 3 replies

journal_coins 2011 Libertad MS70 pop 7 added to set   Image Attached

Finally found one after a year of looking.

80 views / 0 replies

journal_comics 700   Image Attached

Did I really write that much?

158 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Presidential Medal of Appreciation Eisenhower Class 1 Award   Image Attached

Acquired from a collector in France.

63 views / 1 reply

journal_comics At a con   Image Attached

I love these things

165 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Another Ex-Gardner Half Dime   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

Unlike some other recent acquisitions, this one is normal.

107 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Hating number ones???   Image Attached

Who really likes these?

174 views / 4 replies

journal_comics 9.4 X men classics #1   Image Attached

White Pages

117 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Shrinking Stars   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

About those Gardner part 4 coins...

157 views / 4 replies

journal_coins 1986 Libertad DDO?  

This was a false alarm.

95 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 2nd Libertad Registry Set Almost Complete  

Only 1 more coin to go then its complete.

86 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Return of the Jedi   Image Attached

Or the last great Star Wars movie???

122 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Less then 10K Away   Image Attached

I am now within 10,000 registry points of taking the top stop in Captain Marvel Adventures. I'm proud to add a very lovely 9.0 copy of issue 82. It's not the...

119 views / 1 reply

journal_coins New Interest New Journey  

There is something about "Silver and Gold" coins that captures my interest...

113 views / 4 replies

journal_coins The Engines of Our Ingenuity  

The Maria Theresa Thaler

91 views / 1 reply

journal_comics The Empire Strikes Back   Image Attached

Same Galaxy, still far away...

118 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Comics hulk   Image Attached

Aujourd'hui arrivage de comics à la maison.

115 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Star Wars   Image Attached

In a galaxy far, far away...

129 views / 1 reply

journal_coins New addition to my #1 libertad registry set.   Image Attached

Just received my latest submission back from NGC.

116 views / 3 replies

journal_coins A picture is worth.....   Image Attached

An ACCURATE picture is worth a lot more.

122 views / 11 replies

journal_comics Getting Joy from disappointment.   Image Attached

Today I'm happy again.

150 views / 2 replies



165 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Deciding  


96 views / 10 replies

journal_comics Star Wars is Coming...   Image Attached

Thee Sketch Variant

83 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Hit the One Third Mark   Image Attached

All my CGC collecting resources are being devoted to Captain Marvel Adventures and I've finally hit the one third mark on the way to 150 issues. I seriously doubt I will...

93 views / 4 replies

journal_coins been a long time since my last post and this may be my last post  

great deal

179 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Collecting O. C. D.   Image Attached

Overall Comic Desires

120 views / 9 replies

journal_coins eBay Scam Alert   Image Attached

Yet another fraud on eBay

219 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Update on my coworker  

journal_award 2014 

I've created a monster! Lol

125 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Hefty Goals   Image Attached

Sometimes, it's the things from ones own youth that you want the most.

150 views / 0 replies

journal_comics By the Guide   Image Attached

But, Which one?

155 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Beta Ray Bill   Image Attached

Classic 80s

139 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Modern Age Gold?   Image Attached

When will 9.8's become too plentiful?

155 views / 1 reply

journal_coins This Week's Additions   Image Attached

I was fortunate enough to make several purchases over the past couple weeks and I finally had some time to take photos and add the coin details to my set: The Global Silver...

269 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Let's go Crazy   Image Attached

Another Signature

146 views / 1 reply

journal_notes Malaysian Rare Note RM 100 (MYR 100) Tan Sri Dar'o Seri Abul Hassan signature (April 1998 - September 2000)   Image Attached

?Malaysian Rare Note RM 100 (MYR 100) Tan Sri Dat'o Seri Abul Hassan signature (April 1998 - September 2000)


journal_coins D. Hughes and D. Martens   Image Attached

You two are probably the only ones who will get a rise from this. Cheers.

1061 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Morphing the Hobby   Image Attached

Or Losing Signature Authentication

186 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Variant   Image Attached

Deadpool,Hulk,Amazing Spider Man

179 views / 0 replies

journal_comics If suddenly by Magik   Image Attached

Or let's play make believe

183 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Pressing the Subject   Image Attached

From a 9.2 to a ...

204 views / 3 replies

journal_coins 1964 ¥1000 yen Olympic coin   Image Attached


156 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Pressing   Image Attached

Before the procedure expanded?

215 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Shattered - Part 3   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

Not the Part 3 I expected.

203 views / 4 replies

journal_comics CBCS vs. CGC test redux  


240 views / 8 replies

journal_comics So, What's next?   Image Attached

Or, what came before?

146 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Re: Question on Grading a Hawaiian Medal   Image Attached

Still waiting for a reply...

122 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Avengers CGC SS   Image Attached

Latest additions...

111 views / 2 replies

journal_coins NGC Registry Changes for Double Eagle Series   Image Attached

Prooflike Coins Lose Respect with New Scoring System

193 views / 4 replies

journal_coins limited Libertad mintages, pros and cons.  

The libertad is a beautiful bullion coin with pros and cons.

105 views / 2 replies

journal_comics What grade is Acceptable?   Image Attached


166 views / 2 replies

journal_comics But, is it a 9.2  

I already have the perfect book, just not the perfect grade

183 views / 2 replies

journal_coins One more pic of what may be a new DDO variety   Image Attached

If I knew how to upload more than 1 pic i would do it all in one post.

161 views / 2 replies

journal_comics But, is it a 9.8   Image Attached

Although I think I'm starting to ramble...


journal_coins Big Day Friday   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

Several coins will be home for awhile.

127 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Well.....over a year later, I'm out of Registry retirement  

An eventful year...but I guess I just couldn't stay away!!

148 views / 8 replies

journal_coins Brass Nuckles DDO Libertad another pic   Image Attached

I am calling this the Brass Nuckles DDO

85 views / 1 reply

journal_coins New Libertad Variety, DDO   Image Attached

Went through a roll i just received from Canada.

83 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Spider Gwen  

Don't know what to do with this

155 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Adventures of Ike Volume 2   Image Attached

More adventures of Ike!

78 views / 2 replies

journal_comics One Step Further...   Image Attached

From one to the other.


journal_coins 1776 Continental Curency (PEWTER,TIN,LEAD)   Image Attached


73 views / 3 replies

journal_coins 1776 Continental Curency (PEWTER,TIN,LEAD)   Image Attached

Need info

70 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Cloud Beer???   Image Attached

This cover could be interpreted in many ways....

110 views / 3 replies

journal_coins TIME TO QUIT???  


218 views / 14 replies

journal_comics Let's play a game.   Image Attached

I call it "Find the Blue Foil on the Cover."

135 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Grading is Subjective?   Image Attached


176 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Manhandled?   Image Attached

Treated like yesterday's newspaper???


journal_comics Where have all the 9.8s gone?!  


196 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Been Awhile   Image Attached

Added a nice Proof Franklin

146 views / 1 reply

journal_coins A Herd of Elephants at the RNA   Image Attached

My display at our club's annual coins show.

176 views / 2 replies

journal_coins 1859 O Seated Liberty Dollar   Image Attached

Now when I look at my coins, I not only imagine what life was like when that coin, an 1859 O Seated Liberty Dollar for example, was struck, but also what this Dollar would...

132 views / 1 reply


Is this really a Johnson worthy of a perfect score

126 views / 1 reply

journal_comics When a Comic Book Drops in Grade...   Image Attached

Is describing the grading industry as an art form simply a respectful way of saying they don't know what they are doing?

228 views / 11 replies

journal_coins My Grade 70 Pop 1 Collection   Image Attached

100+ Pop 1 World coins in new Custom Set The Dan Hughes Grade 70 Pop 1 Collection

127 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Presidential Dollars Collector  

Always looking for Presidential Dollars

135 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Goals... What are they?   Image Attached

There is nothing more difficult to a collector than changing ones own goals.

171 views / 1 reply

journal_comics My Original Deadpool 1st Appearance Copy!   Image Attached


173 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Happy Halloween!   Image Attached

Happy Halloween!

96 views / 0 replies

journal_coins In what universe is this coin NOT CLEANED?   Image Attached

Grading services, especially PCGS, seem to give a pass to high ticket or marque coins.

254 views / 13 replies

journal_comics Fantastic Four #547   Image Attached

Marvel Comics

132 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Uncanny X-MEN #500   Image Attached

Marvel Comics

125 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Halloween Covers   Image Attached

Add your favorites to this thread

116 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Conan 49   Image Attached

Latest Addition To My Collection

86 views / 1 reply

journal_coins What do you think, Full Head?...   Image Attached

I found the 1916 in FH I had been waiting for.

163 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Shattered - Part 2   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

Icing at the end of a big day.

186 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Hulk   Image Attached

Encore des comics

268 views / 1 reply

journal_coins England without a monarch!   Image Attached

journal_award 2013 

A relic from the 'Interregnum'

201 views / 6 replies

journal_comics From Blue to Yellow   Image Attached

2015 with the help and encouragement of a couple of really good friends my CGC collecting has evolved into more and more beautiful yellow labels

264 views / 6 replies
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