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journal_coins A Flurry of Collecting activity   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

It has only been two short months since I returned from a short-term mission trip to Thailand. However, in that time I have been as busy as ever adding coins to my collection, ...

83 views / 4 replies

journal_comics New Respect for Stan Lee   Image Attached

Stan's Soapbox...

122 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Many Coin Dealers are Teetering on the Brink Right Now   Image Attached

As it stands, we are seeing a strange paradox: Mints are rapidly expanding the number of modern commemoratives that they issue, while the modern commemorative collector...

169 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Facebook and Comic Books: Tales of Woe and Joy  

People have shared different experiences on the CGC boards about their Facebook comic-buying experiences. Here are my own.

108 views / 7 replies

journal_comics SUPERMAN / BATMAN / SUPERGIRL   Image Attached


121 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Megacon was great!   Image Attached

Got it all done!

113 views / 4 replies

journal_coins HA Seller's Fee  

journal_award 2009 

Not 20%

239 views / 14 replies

journal_coins Building A Set   Image Attached

Peru 1850 Date Set

160 views / 1 reply

journal_coins March of Dimes  

journal_award 2014 

Get ready for the craziness.

157 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Numismaquest--it's gone and I'm waiting for those exciting events and promos...  

Back in February, NGC and PMG decided to discontinue the Numisma-Quest Numismatic Trivia contest. We were to "Stay tuned for other exciting promotions and events". ...

79 views / 3 replies

journal_coins More Points?   Image Attached

Juiced up the clad dimes.

109 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Details  

Coins that come back Details

108 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Avengers Assemble!   Image Attached

It's getting to be that time...

133 views / 11 replies

journal_coins Spring in Minnesota  

Clearing out a set

160 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Cleaned Coin Frustration/Details Grading   Image Attached

Lost Money!

334 views / 7 replies

journal_comics Daredevil   Image Attached

A non-spoiler review of the Netflix series

228 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Jim Lee's Sketchbook   Image Attached

Grifter and WildC.A.T.S.

148 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Jim Lee's Sketchbook   Image Attached

Grifter and WildC.A.T.S.

96 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Four years and 250 horses later...   Image Attached

250th addition!

230 views / 11 replies

journal_comics AVENGERS THE MYTH - EXHIBITION MILAN (ITALY) 28/3/2015 - 31/5/2015   Image Attached


442 views / 9 replies

journal_coins Worlds most valueable coin. (well, close cousin)   Image Attached

journal_award 2014 

220 years old. Quite an addition


journal_comics Get Savage!   Image Attached

My favorite result from Megacon!

161 views / 1 reply

journal_coins 17.5% - A ridiculous buyers premium for a less than attentive and extremely slow customer service?   Image Attached

I had my finger on the enter key with a $1k positioning bid but I still could not bring myself to follow through with the press of the button. Why? Well it certainly was not...

447 views / 48 replies

journal_comics Goodbye Herb...   Image Attached

...or Captain Britain salutes you!

191 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Have you been sniped  

Who hasn't?

188 views / 10 replies

journal_comics RIP Herb   Image Attached

For Me, He was THE Hulk Artist

138 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Just joined CGC  

Just joined and not sure if I can pay the fees at this time to start the full blown options this site has to offer. I only own 3 CGC comics at this point and want to add them...

86 views / 3 replies

journal_coins REGRADE  


227 views / 6 replies

journal_comics I'm AGOG! Another Great One Gone   Image Attached

The "death" of a creation is followed by the death of its creator.

128 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Hulk Sad   Image Attached

I don't know how to write a teaser line for this one. Reports have been confirmed, Herb Trimpe passed away at 75.

121 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Exciting April Additions!   Image Attached

I have made some great April additions to my custom registry set THE GLOBAL SILVER COIN COLLECTION. Within this custom set there are 11 #1 competitive sets now!

236 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Twenty Five Cents  

Doing it the hard way!

192 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Good or Bad???   Image Attached

It is interesting to me how something that is appealing to one collector is a turn-off to another.

146 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Good or Bad???   Image Attached

It is interesting to me how something that is appealing to one collector is a turn-off to another.

105 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Megacon! A "Crack"ing Good Time!   Image Attached

Long "line" at the show.
I've cracked books before but I've never done crack... and now this happens.

161 views / 1 reply

journal_coins SUPREME REGISTRY BATTLE   Image Attached

A titanic battle in the registry taking place right now. Absolutely incredible.

300 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Back in the hunt!!   Image Attached

Added pics to my sets on page 4 in my registry this week

257 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Coin Finds  

journal_award 2014 

At Work!

235 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Easter Vacation  

San Antonio Vacation

181 views / 1 reply

journal_coins A Worthy Addition to my 7070 Type Set   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

A very attractive 1855 MS-63 BN half-cent has found a home in my collection.

215 views / 3 replies

journal_comics ECCC KIM JUNG gi  

He was my highlight. There were not many old school artists present. Stanley, Neal Adams Kurt Busiek and Mike Mignola were the only ones from my old days. This man does not do...

166 views / 3 replies

journal_comics One more to go!   Image Attached

ComicLink comes through again!

185 views / 6 replies

journal_comics THE BIG ONE THAT GOT AWAY.   Image Attached


272 views / 8 replies

journal_comics GEM CITY COMICON 2015   Image Attached

I met a Badger there.

133 views / 2 replies


I am tempted to buy the following top graded error coin, after a recent journal I did on this specific coin.

305 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Back to Lincoln   Image Attached

I have threatened to do this.....

189 views / 6 replies

journal_comics Correction on DC War  

GIC 87

131 views / 1 reply

journal_comics A Bit More ON DC War  

While OAAW 83, SSWS 90 and GIC 86 have not been cheap for some time , most DC war comics have been relatively inexpensive yet hard to find.

110 views / 1 reply

journal_comics What Do I NEED To Get NOW!!!  

What Silver Age comics am I going to wish I had not dragged my feet on purchasing one, two or five years down the line?

133 views / 2 replies

journal_comics My Birthday Present   Image Attached

Latest addition...

107 views / 6 replies

journal_coins I Met a Little Lady in Baltimore   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

And I'm arranging a long-term relationship!

244 views / 4 replies

journal_coins 1952 San Francisco Fullstep Nickel   Image Attached

I came across an wanted to show you this 1952-S Jefferson w/steps.
There I go the bug is still alive in me and doing fine.

202 views / 2 replies

journal_coins 2008 "CHIIE" ERROR - COUNTRY NAME MISPELLED!!!   Image Attached

The Mint in Chile misspells the name of their country on the 50P coin in 2008!

270 views / 3 replies

journal_coins It Took Over 3 Years But Finally Have a #1 Set  

Roosevelt Dimes In High Grade Full Torch Are Hard To Find.....

356 views / 6 replies

journal_coins A Response to QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! Posted by Eagles-R-it  

Simply put the third party graders appeared to have shot themselves in the foot.

290 views / 0 replies

journal_coins $20 1927 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MS-65   Image Attached

$20 1927 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle MS-65

210 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Incredible theft  

Stollen Book, My 1st journal Entry after 14 years With CGC

301 views / 3 replies

journal_coins QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!  


212 views / 7 replies

journal_coins 40+ Years in the Making   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

...Finally after more than 40 years, a youthful fascination becomes reality.

227 views / 6 replies

journal_coins WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?   Image Attached

Rick, Brent, you are ineligible to guess.

282 views / 8 replies

journal_comics The story of my slow downward Spiral into comic collecting addiction.  

It seems everyone else has one so I guess I should too!

297 views / 18 replies

journal_coins 2011 "perfect" set comes home.   Image Attached

For those that remember this set, I have re-acquired it.

212 views / 8 replies

journal_comics Collector's Who Know!  

Question for the collector's society....

254 views / 17 replies

journal_coins UPDATE TO GREEN BEANS ETC   Image Attached

journal_award 2014 

This confirms -at least to me-

235 views / 12 replies

journal_coins NGC Canada nickels foreign crossover FAILURES  

I do collect some Canada NGC sets.
I have TERRIBLE luck with NGC on my Canada nickels!
I reccomend you DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TRYING to cross them.

221 views / 2 replies

journal_comics My 15 Issues Back From CGC At Last.  


283 views / 7 replies

journal_coins A Couple New Additions   Image Attached

CAC certified

240 views / 5 replies

journal_coins The Swedish Coin Collector   Image Attached

...a short history of my addiction and pleasure.

209 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Green Lantern John Stewart   Image Attached

CGC Exclusive

173 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Lois Lane   Image Attached

Neal's Other Romance Books

160 views / 2 replies

journal_coins 2007 Mongolia Gulo Gulo Coin $3000 ???   Image Attached

I would like to start this set on the NGC Registry, but I am seeing the 2007 Mongolia coin typically selling for $1200 - $3000!!! Is this truly the price of this coin?

210 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Completing a Collection  

Part 1 of 2 of my goal

248 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Repunched 1860   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

A couple additions to my Varieties & Duplicates half dime set...

207 views / 2 replies

journal_coins First Top 100 VAM  

1880 CC VAM-6 GSA Hoard

217 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Light and Shadow   Image Attached

journal_award 2013 

Sometimes a strong lighting angle can bring out a coin's best appearance.

283 views / 7 replies

journal_comics 3 for Thursday!   Image Attached

Could not resist...

209 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Ziff Davis GI Joes   Image Attached

They just came back!

167 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Would I Hitchhike?   Image Attached

Or Starting my Journey to ECCC

181 views / 1 reply

journal_comics HULK 181 SECOND HAND STORE FIND.   Image Attached

Finding was the easy part. Buying not so much.

324 views / 10 replies

journal_coins AUCTION FEES  


365 views / 14 replies

journal_coins LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT   Image Attached

journal_award 2014 

Will the real price please stand up!

371 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Speaking of Magik   Image Attached

Or Completing a Set

193 views / 5 replies

journal_comics CGC on Facebook  

Would being on Facebook benefit CGC?

179 views / 5 replies

journal_coins DAY TRADING GRADED COINS!?!?   Image Attached

Video: Buying and Selling Graded Coins Without Taking Delivery

Guy talks about the potential for a live open market, where coins can be traded intraday for profit, ...

343 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Update: My Amazing Spider-Man #1   Image Attached

I have gotten the book back.

208 views / 5 replies

journal_coins USING I-PHONE FOR COIN PHOTO   Image Attached

journal_award 2014 

Hope you get an Oscar

353 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Beauty is in the Eye of the Camera Lens   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

...Or is it rather in the skill of the photographer.

282 views / 12 replies

journal_comics A little personal history.  

A short bio about my history collecting comics and the books I love most.

175 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Updates...   Image Attached

Rather than respond to everyone individually....

242 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Hidden Treasure?   Image Attached

Heard about a comic stash...

202 views / 7 replies

journal_coins Last but not least. 1913 Nickel   Image Attached

Never had seen it in this form before.

250 views / 8 replies

journal_coins Then I decided to start making my own holders on the weekend.   Image Attached

Manic or BiPolar?

241 views / 0 replies

journal_coins When the war is over just throw them in the Canal.   Image Attached

I acquired all types of Regional Bank and Obsolete notes as well.

205 views / 0 replies

journal_coins And when your Generals fail to negotiate   Image Attached

You get Confederates.

163 views / 0 replies

journal_coins And when you need a few Generals   Image Attached

Got a deal on them raw, so grabbed them as well.

153 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Political Corruption   Image Attached

Yeah, I got the enhanced one and the gold one too.

161 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Perhaps a little Van Gogh.   Image Attached

Starry Night

159 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Nothing like KeyStone Cops on Coins   Image Attached

Think my scanner needs replacing.

161 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Baseball is Golden!   Image Attached

Nolan Ryan Signatures

167 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Newest Additions...   Image Attached

Well, MoonDoggy! You were correct.

181 views / 1 reply
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