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journal_coins A rose by any other name...   Image Attached

journal_award 2013 

would smell as sweet -- but a better photograph can't hurt!

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journal_coins Exception Clauses in My Collection   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

There are those collectors who will under no circumstances have details graded coins, medals, and tokens in their collections. Then there are collectors like me who will make...

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journal_comics Another November 86-er!!   Image Attached

Little by little.

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journal_coins Numismatics Holiday! (Updated)   Image Attached

Ive been anticipating today for a few months! Today is the bi-annual Virginia Beach Coin Show presented by the Tidewater Coin Club at the Virginia Beach Covention Center.

179 views / 2 replies

journal_coins What a surprise I got when I returned home and found that a set was updated.  

4 REVERSE PROOF coins added the Presidential Dollars, 2007-Date, Proof set

142 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Trials and Tribulations of Golden Age Collecting  

Ok it's not that bad.

163 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Mr Green a mes numéros Hulk210   Image Attached

Je suis débutant dans le monde du cgc et je trouve dommage que certaines personnes ne supprime pas leurs numéros de série après avoir vendu leurs cgc.Je...

125 views / 3 replies

journal_notes Just Kidding II   Image Attached

Here I demonstrate my powers and gifts in spotting undeniable opportunity.

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journal_notes Just Kidding I   Image Attached

I am really insightful and smart, check this one out here in Just Kidding I and the in Just Kidding II

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journal_notes Lame Me Part II   Image Attached

Can anyone guess why I am lame?

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journal_notes Lame Me   Image Attached

Gets ripped off buying bills

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journal_coins My original title was What Would You Grade This Coin?...   Image Attached

My original thesis was that Marquis coins get preferential treatment but I could not leave well enough alone...

170 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Adventures of Ike Volume 1   Image Attached

Adventures of Ike...My pocket piece.

122 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Some Recent Additions To The Collection   Image Attached

Four are Worldwide Comics-How'd they do on Grading?

244 views / 5 replies

journal_coins LIBERTAD grades posted by NGC  

Sent in 50 coins and had a few nights email surprises.

144 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Comic Book Dealer's Setting the Price?   Image Attached

Are Comic Book Dealer's trying to inflate comic book prices?

216 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Will there be a 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set with three or four.  

I have been collecting the Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set since 2007.

175 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Coins from a Dream Trip   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

One item checked off the bucket list...

136 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Libertad registry set update  

Added some more today including pics.

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journal_notes BABE IN THE WOODS   Image Attached

journal_award 2014 


61 views / 1 reply

journal_coins My Three Suns   Image Attached

journal_award 2013 

A glorious light shines on former Spanish colonies.

81 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Quest To Be The Best   Image Attached

My set The Global Silver Coin Collection is approaching the 400 coin mark (393) with many new additions and it has reached a couple milestones recently: it reached over 5,000...

120 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Final stages of my Registry set.  

Although i have been doing this for just about 1 year i am almost done with putting together the complete Zombucks series as the last coin is out and yes it was a nice...

110 views / 1 reply

journal_coins roman gold coins   Image Attached

for sale

89 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Fantastically Rare Belgian Congo Essai   Image Attached

Very Rare, shiny, and new to me!


journal_comics 8.5 Iron Man #1   Image Attached

Enter the mandarin

222 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 1965 SMS Jefferson   Image Attached

A Cool find!!

114 views / 1 reply

journal_comics 9.8 Ultimate Power#1   Image Attached

Wizard World Texas

120 views / 3 replies

journal_comics Ma collection grandie   Image Attached

Iron Man#1 8.5 Ultimate POWER#1 9.8 Incredible Hulk#210 9.8 Uncanny X Men#500 9.8 Fantastic Four#547 9.8 Spider-man#30 9.6

111 views / 0 replies

journal_coins A few thoughts  

journal_award 2014 

An observation, some additions and a rant.

116 views / 4 replies

journal_comics A Day at Baltimore   Image Attached

Or the beginning of the end?

155 views / 3 replies

journal_coins How often should NGC update their grading census?   Image Attached

I've been curiously watching the population report for the 2015 reverse proof Eisenhower. However 7 weeks since the release and still no results

219 views / 11 replies

journal_coins What would grade you give this coin? PCGS ...   Image Attached

ridiculous variations in grading standards depending on the coin and who submitted it.

273 views / 21 replies



222 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Trade ins make great upgrades   Image Attached

journal_award 2014 

Presto Change-O

167 views / 1 reply

journal_notes Getting values of notes  

journal_award 2014 

Just got a stack

114 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Baltimore On-Site Books & the CGC Registry  

If you are planning on or trying to register books that were submitted at Baltimore Comic-Con please read this note.

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journal_coins US Silver Dollar Mint Type Set   Image Attached

journal_award 2013 

I don't collect many US coins but they fit nicely into a mint type set.

128 views / 4 replies

journal_comics First submissions  

Wolverine 1-4 plus more

224 views / 0 replies

journal_coins A Roosevelt Weekend Treat   Image Attached


177 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Back from the depths of obscurity-SS Republic   Image Attached

Kind of like my collection

188 views / 10 replies

journal_coins A King's Ransom hits 50 coins   Image Attached

Just added the 50th coin to my A King's Ransom custom set.

212 views / 5 replies

journal_coins First Coin Gold Fever: My Start in Coin Collecting (June 28, 2013)   Image Attached

I really knew nothing whatsoever about numismatics when I bought this coin.

Part of the deal was a free copy of the 2013 Red Book.


journal_coins Work  

journal_award 2014 

Luring in a coworker

156 views / 4 replies

journal_notes Oswego County, NY Nationals   Image Attached

By accident, I've become of fan of these small towns along I-81!

113 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Reverse Proofs in Presidential sets?  

After 36 coins the Mint does this

180 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Four years is a long time   Image Attached

Back in the coin collecting game

203 views / 6 replies

journal_comics No Score?  

9.8 = 0 points?

301 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Fathom Favorite - Michael Turner   Image Attached

Michael Turner's Fathom #9

232 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Gold Pyramids   Image Attached

A few new additions to my "A King's Ransom" custom set.

277 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Oh poop, wrong picture   Image Attached


305 views / 1 reply

journal_comics The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part six...   Image Attached

Lack of info.

417 views / 1 reply

journal_coins 20th Anniversary Set   Image Attached

Eagles are flying in

332 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Proof Time   Image Attached

Coins are Great

213 views / 2 replies

journal_comics More room for MORE Walking Dead #1 Reprints   Image Attached

Inaugural box filling ceremony dedicated to Ryan Ottley & The Sensei


journal_comics Lady Death Premium   Image Attached

Lady Death Sketch "Bad to the Bone"

209 views / 1 reply

journal_comics One More Adams Lois Book   Image Attached

Soon To Be Slabbed

178 views / 1 reply

journal_comics Just finished my comic book room   Image Attached

Moved into a new home with more square footage. Look what I did to one of the rooms!

289 views / 11 replies

journal_comics TPB and Graphic novel appreciation.  

I would like to share my fondness for TPBs and graphic novels.

145 views / 19 replies

journal_comics Did I call this one?   Image Attached

X-23 really is now the...

259 views / 6 replies

journal_coins 1948 Rotated Dies S$1 "The Prince of Rarities"   Image Attached

Very Rare Coin in High Grade

311 views / 6 replies

journal_coins A Member of The Family   Image Attached

After owning it for 16 years, it was time to have it graded.

262 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Good day to add a few pics.   Image Attached

A few clouds and some free time.

204 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Switch by me not NGC!!   Image Attached

We all hate altercation of a well running site and then we do it to ourselves!!

265 views / 6 replies

journal_comics SPIDER-MAN #30   Image Attached

NM+ 9.6 White Pages

385 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Kingdom of Hawaii - King Kalakaua Coronation Medal   Image Attached

I'm researching this medal...

168 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Earliest Richie Rich in 9.8   Image Attached

Richie Rich #28 CGC 9.8
December 1964

260 views / 3 replies



Building a New Set Type Collections

342 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 3   Image Attached

Bringing Funny Back

344 views / 1 reply

journal_comics The Waiting Game.....   Image Attached

The nature of grading.

368 views / 8 replies

journal_coins Kennedy Confusion  

Three designations to the same coin?

318 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Its Time to Stop Dragging My Feet   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

I was so impressed by Alan Lastufkas, Most Improved post that I thought it was high time I kick it in gear and improve upon a few images of my own. Thus, this post features an...

251 views / 5 replies

journal_comics Journal 37: B of 3, 1 of 3, 1 of 12   Image Attached

..., or please welcome, here's, ..
The third 9.8..
of R. Crumb's Best Buy Comics....


journal_coins Modern commemorative halves  



journal_comics CGC - You Have Created A Monster!  

Who would have thought that the excitement of submitting books to CGC could become addictive.

399 views / 5 replies

journal_comics My first Qualified Manufacturing Error...   Image Attached

I love image. I hate Shadowhawk.

To me Shadowhawk represents the worst of every high-concept (He rips out their spine!), low-quality, gimmick ridden cliche that...

247 views / 1 reply

journal_comics The Story of My GLORIOUS 9/21/15 Copper/Modern Sale.   Image Attached

A chronicle of the steps involved with having a huge sale on the CGC Boards

272 views / 11 replies

journal_comics My first Qualified Manufacturing Error...  

I love image. I hate Shadowhawk.

To me Shadowhawk represents the worst of every high-concept, low-quality, gimmick ridden cliche that derailed the comic book...

244 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Chicago Comic Con & the CGC Registry  

If you are planning on or trying to register books that were submitted at Chicago Comic-Con please read this note.

300 views / 0 replies

journal_coins The Best of All   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 journal_award 2012 

I have been to a total of five ANA Worlds Fair of Money shows and this year's show was far and away the best I have attended.

325 views / 2 replies

journal_coins FBL Find   Image Attached


304 views / 6 replies

journal_comics Four For Baltimore!   Image Attached

Onsite is always awesome!

247 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Whittling Down  

journal_award 2014 

One Coin At A Time

252 views / 6 replies

journal_comics August Is Heating Up!   Image Attached

For a reason other than the fact I'm in Texas.

181 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Star Reach   Image Attached

Provocative Cover By Adams

160 views / 3 replies

journal_notes Christmas Came Early   Image Attached

Never felt so happy to get a 15

203 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Star Reach   Image Attached

Provocative Cover By Adams

115 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Star Reach   Image Attached

Provocative Cover By Adams

106 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Hit and Miss in ANA auction   Image Attached

journal_award 2009 

No pattern developing here...

233 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Hawaii the 49th State !   Image Attached

Not a typo...

191 views / 0 replies

journal_coins SA (ZAR) R1 coin 1965   Image Attached

R1 South Africa coin 1965

167 views / 0 replies

journal_comics Can someone tell me what set this is in.   Image Attached

Can not find set.

284 views / 3 replies

journal_notes QE II 60yrs Commemorative Limited 150000pcs   Image Attached

My QE II notes for Commemorative 60yrs, had collect endding serial number last 2 pcs and grading by PMG 66epq!! Just share for each other. Thank you

242 views / 0 replies

journal_comics The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part five...   Image Attached

Trim or no trim, that is the ?.

485 views / 0 replies

journal_comics J36: TGA: 1   Image Attached

On File Copies, GRADER NOTES, and thee.. latest TOTAL GRADED AT


journal_comics the pleasure and pain of taking pictures   Image Attached

Don't let your comics fly out of your aching hands and break on the floor

247 views / 4 replies

journal_comics Richie Rich #1 set   Image Attached

Complete from the 1950s thru 1970s

176 views / 2 replies

journal_comics Baltimore on the Horizon!!   Image Attached

Here it comes!

165 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Most Improved   Image Attached

Decided to re-shoot a few coin pics last night.


journal_coins The 1956 Denver Fullstep Jefferson   Image Attached

It took me years searching for this fullstep nickel.

274 views / 5 replies
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