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journal_coins End of an Era....Beginning of a new adventure!   Image Attached

Hello Collector's Society, been a little while since my last journal.

580 views / 16 replies

journal_coins 1962 D Roosevelt Dime - MS 67 + FT   Image Attached

The positive side for my collection this week!

632 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Turns out I'm stupid...   Image Attached

Second part of what I'd hope would be a several part journal through certification.

662 views / 15 replies

journal_coins Genius or an Idiot - Only time will tell...   Image Attached

Bought a new coin for my Bust half dime set.

540 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Goodbye 2012!   Image Attached

I accomplished my goal! Have fun with this hobby and find new and interesting pursuits to keep me immersed and still finding pleasure and relaxtion with coin collecting. ...

576 views / 4 replies

journal_coins My first MS 69!   Image Attached

Kind of sounds like a baby announcement and I guess in a way it is...

518 views / 6 replies

journal_coins Another year gone already...   Image Attached

It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed since the last registry awards.

551 views / 5 replies

journal_coins The many reasons I love the Collectors Society   Image Attached

Several years ago I started a set in the PCGS registry to see what all the hype was about...

734 views / 10 replies

journal_coins Happy Thanksgiving!   Image Attached

It's a season of giving thanks for all we have!

381 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Local Coin Show Today!   Image Attached

Ebay is great, but there's nothing like talking coins during a show.

461 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 1984 D Roosevelt Dime MS 67 FT   Image Attached

This one has been eluding me for a couple of years now...

666 views / 7 replies

journal_coins To Clean or not to Clean...   Image Attached

A battle that has raged for many years.

512 views / 4 replies

journal_notes My first PMG Note.   Image Attached

I have always had moderate interest in paper, but never could really get started. I've found a real fondness toward obselete's and confederate notes.

751 views / 2 replies

journal_coins USPS - Registered Mail...  

Is it really what it's cracked up to be?

664 views / 12 replies

journal_coins Antique Stores and Coins...   Image Attached

Generally, the two don't really go together. The few coins I see for sale are generally priced way above current selling trends and/or are priced like every coin is a...

993 views / 6 replies

journal_coins The oddest places coins turn up...   Image Attached

A rarity in the Roosevelt variety series.

784 views / 11 replies

journal_coins Great coin designs/designers where are you?   Image Attached

Eagles-R-it started a thought I just can't put aside.

817 views / 7 replies

journal_coins Guess the Grade Part II   Image Attached

A bit more information.

684 views / 10 replies

journal_coins Guess the Grade   Image Attached

Need some help figuring this one out...

602 views / 9 replies

journal_coins The thrill of the local coin show!   Image Attached

I find that I don't buy much these days...

506 views / 3 replies

journal_coins 1968 DDO FS-101 Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 65   Image Attached

Just returned after NCS conservation.

540 views / 3 replies

journal_coins 1972 D Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 67 FT   Image Attached

Superb coin with great luster!

666 views / 10 replies

journal_coins Latest Submission Grades are Back!  

21 Coin Salute!!!

568 views / 14 replies

journal_coins NGC VF 30 1836 Bust Half Dime   Image Attached

A new addition to my "Busted" my budget on Half Dimes collection.

536 views / 9 replies

journal_coins The mail box was full today!!!   Image Attached

Went on vacation last week and put the mail on hold and then came home today to find 6 coin packages awaiting me!!!

587 views / 6 replies

journal_coins A new day has dawned...   Image Attached

New set just started.

574 views / 16 replies

journal_coins Summer duldrums...   Image Attached

Slow going since summer has come on full strength in the South.

491 views / 3 replies

journal_coins A salute to Hunter's Gold   Image Attached

and a hearty Thank You to all veterans today!

467 views / 6 replies

journal_coins 1991 D BU Kennedy Half & 1991 Mint Sets   Image Attached

BU, Butt Ugly that is....

529 views / 3 replies

journal_coins A little silver with that change sir? & 1991 MS 67 FT Roosevelt   Image Attached

The holy grail of Roosevelt Dimes

433 views / 5 replies

journal_coins Didn't make the coin show... :-(   Image Attached

but I did get some coin stuff in this weekend!!

831 views / 8 replies

journal_coins Loupe = Therapy?!?   Image Attached

Can't imagine this actually happened to me...

556 views / 10 replies

journal_coins 1973 MS 66 5FS Jefferson Nickel Reverse   Image Attached

Tried to post this to the boards...

444 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 1973 MS 66 5FS Jefferson Nickel   Image Attached

Jefferson's are tough coins...

467 views / 11 replies

journal_coins Cherrypickin' Mint Sets   Image Attached

Junk, followed by more junk, then along comes a coin that makes the thousands of other coins worth it...

590 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 2004 P Roosevelt Dime MS 68 FT   Image Attached

Still catching up on recent additions.

911 views / 3 replies

journal_coins 1981 P Roosevelt Dime MS 68 FT   Image Attached

Top Pop Gem

706 views / 11 replies

journal_coins A Penni for Your Thoughts...   Image Attached

I love when fun, cool stuff happens in this hobby.

592 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Collecting goals set direction with a purpose...  

Two months down and 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for my collection!

515 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 1976 D Roosevelt Dime - MS 68 Top Pop Gem   Image Attached

Likely the cleanest business strike dime in my collection.

732 views / 1 reply

journal_coins 1971 D NGC MS 67 FT Roosevelt Dime   Image Attached

Self Made and welcome addition to my set.


journal_coins The wait is over - Grades are in!  

Overall very satisfied!


journal_coins 1969 MS 66 FT Roosevelt Dime   Image Attached

Newest addition to my Roosevelt Dime Set


journal_coins Hmmm....Opportunity knocks - What to do?   Image Attached

To buy or not to buy - that is the question...


journal_coins A look back and now a look forward at 2012   Image Attached

No specific goals for me - other than to have fun!!


journal_coins History Tab...  

How the heck did I miss this feature for the last several months?!?!?

505 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Ode to BeawChan Part II   Image Attached

The obverse picture in case your interested...

536 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Ode to BeawChan   Image Attached

I was inspired by the commems post and started a set...


journal_coins NCS Experience   Image Attached

Better than expected and highly recommended!!!

837 views / 10 replies

journal_coins My first NCS submission results...  

Perhaps my grading skills are improving.

730 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Coin Show Weekend!   Image Attached

And now a dimemna...

803 views / 0 replies

journal_coins 1933 Double Eagles, 1974 Aluminum Cent, 1964-D Peace Dollar, et al...  

Why all the fuss over nothing!

975 views / 9 replies

journal_coins Good things come to those that wait...  

But, OH how I hate to wait.

746 views / 1 reply

journal_coins First Submission to NCS   Image Attached

Not sure what to expect...

1038 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Auction Bidding   Image Attached

What's the right price, when am I obsessive and why do I screw up so much?

925 views / 2 replies

journal_coins My five renewal grades...  

Grading coins is addicting - I wish I were rich!

787 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Great coins, great friends and a wonderful atmoshpere!   Image Attached

There all to be had in the NGC registry.

713 views / 2 replies

journal_coins Local Coin Shops or the Internet - that is the ?   Image Attached

Are coin shops a thing of the past?

1279 views / 8 replies

journal_coins PCGS vs. NGC Part III   Image Attached

Wow! Lots of comments and opinions.

1081 views / 6 replies

journal_coins PCGS vs. NGC Part II   Image Attached

Here's the second dime in this test.

1094 views / 3 replies

journal_coins PCGS vs. NGC   Image Attached

I'm tired of everyone exalting PCGS...

1179 views / 9 replies

journal_coins Mint Sets - Not your average coins - sometimes...   Image Attached

This post was inspired by Walnutto and his 1981 D Jefferson Nickel

875 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Mail - it's a beautiful thing!!!  

Yesterday was banner mail day.

854 views / 2 replies

journal_coins America the Beautiful Quarters and set proliferation...   Image Attached

Why not collect something that's so affordable?

1010 views / 0 replies

journal_coins Registry Collecting - Expensive or Enjoyable?   Image Attached

Which E will it be...

766 views / 3 replies

journal_coins Agony turns into Astonishment!!  

I would count this as my best submission ever!!!

986 views / 1 reply

journal_coins The Agony of Submitting  

Just where does that agony reside?

635 views / 0 replies

journal_coins $50 and a local coin shop...  

Better than spending $800 for a Super Bowl ticket without a seat!!

933 views / 4 replies

journal_coins Gone Wild - Weigh In...  


978 views / 1 reply

journal_coins Banks and pocket change...  

The idea to "buy up" all the change at our local banks probably will never work.


journal_coins The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - of my latest submission...  

5 coins - 2 graded as I thought they would and 3 graded lower. One of these days I'll figure this out!


journal_coins A Lincoln cent submission...  

The agony of deciding what to send.


journal_coins The 1974 Aluminum Cent  

This nation was founded on the premise of capitalism and freedom, but yet we still choose to be stupid...


journal_coins The New Lincoln Cent and a Bonus  

Found some rolls at a local bank!


journal_coins The Roosevelt Dime - A few musings from a collector.  

Why all the points?


journal_coins Crack outs - my 1/2 cent worth...  

Should we or shouldn't we? That is the question...


journal_coins The 2009 Native American Dollar  

Check out your local bank!


journal_coins A plea to NGC!!!  

The Lincoln Cent Part III - The Wide AM gets no respect!!!


journal_coins A great weekend of coin euphoria!  

Grades are back and the local coin show was much more than I had expected!


journal_coins Coins are an exciting way of life!  

Non-collectors would think we are stupid...


journal_coins The Lincoln Cent - Part II  

BN vs. RB vs. RD - Why all the hype?


journal_coins The Lincoln Cent - Part I  

A passion or an absurd obsession?


journal_coins Another round of Goals for 2009  

Maybe these are simple, but hopefully they'll be achievable.


journal_coins Honest Sellers are more prevalent than you think...  

I also have been blessed by honest sellers on Ebay.


journal_coins More June Reflections!  

I spent too much...


journal_coins Lincoln Fanatic - 1909 VDB Part II   Image Attached

The back in case your interested...


journal_coins Lincoln Fanatic - 1909 VDB   Image Attached

Not the king, but close in MS 66 RD


journal_coins Woohoo! Latest submission grades have been posted!  

NGC is the greatest!


journal_coins Since we're talking about searching rolls of pennies...  

Roll searching is an cheap way to feed an addiction.


journal_coins New to the Journal  

Another round of grading...


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